WLC Final Workout: Saturday, 11/8/14

9 minute AMRAP:
2 step ups
2 push press (43#)
40 m run
4 step ups
4 push press
40 m run
*continuing adding 2 reps each round until the 9 minute mark

167 reps. Got 207 reps the first time around. Hate, hate, hate that I did so much worse but I guess it makes sense, given where I am. Those step-ups killed me again. I just couldn’t push myself hard enough on them. Felt so slow and exhausting.

Last Week of the Challenge

Realized I never hit “Publish” on this one! I wrote this a couple years ago so here’s where I ended up. Better late than never:

In Conclusion

While I’ve learned a lot, this huge change in my lifestyle is not sustainable for me. I love a variety a food in my life, and while I’ll definitely be taking a lot of knowledge with me when this is over, it just wouldn’t work over the long term. I feel like I was already pretty good about doing Crossfit 3-4 times a week already and was making big strides (until I hurt my back). No need to try and squeeze in 10 minutes of some random workout just to get it in. The stretching is something I’d like to continue, though. Fish oil will most likely stick around, as well. But yeah, the food part. I can’t wait to enjoy desserts and things every now and then without having to worry about how many points I’ll be losing over it.

Weekends and I Don’t Get Along / Day 49-52

Day 49

Nick and Jill got married today! The whole shebang was pretty amazing. I’m so happy for them!

Breakfast: Three eggs, baby spinach, green onions and mushrooms.

Snack: Banana and half an apple with peanut butter. Got a new jar just in time.

Lunch: Cup of pumpkin soup and the rest of the apple with peanut butter. Didn’t want to eat too much since I knew I’d be indulging in lots of food at the wedding.

Dinner: At the wedding we started off with an amazing fall salad I forgot to take a pic of. The main meal was fried chicken, a piece of steak, baked sweet potato, cornbread and some green beans. All extremely delicious.

Also drank a ton: two gin and tonics, a big glass of white wine and two strong beers. Don’t think there’s anything better than an open bar at a wedding! Had such a blast dancing my butt off. Bad part: had a headache before the night was over. Reminded me why I don’t like to drink too much in the first place.

Veggie of the Day: mushrooms

Fish Oil: 1000mg

WOD / Active Recovery / Custom Workout
My day was completely packed so this didn’t happen.

Neither did this.

Day 50

ONE. MORE. WEEK. Honestly, I can’t wait for this to be over at this point.

Breakfast / Lunch: Eggs, baby spinach, green onions, mushrooms.

Snack: Apples with peanut butter and almond butter, carrots and hummus and a banana. I also made paleo pumpkin muffins but they definitely needed sugar. We ate them with butter since they were so bread-y/savory.

Dinner: Spinach salad with chicken, pecans and pomegranate seeds. Pumpkin soup on the side.

Veggie of the Day: carrots

Fish Oil: 1000mg

WOD / Active Recovery / Custom Workout
30 minute run at an easy pace.

Dynamic and static stretches before running.

Day 51

Last day with Pete and Hat. Boo.

Breakfast / Lunch: All points gone in one meal, but what a meal it was. Everyone gathered together at Bel Loc Diner to send Pete and Hat off (not sure what’s up with their reviews but I love that place). I went nuts and ate French toast with butter and syrup, regular toast with butter, and lots of eggs and bacon. And coffee with creamer. And sugar.

Snack: Ate a couple muffins from yesterday plus some Halloween candy and Girl Scout cookies (had to try the peanut butter ones – I now see why everyone loves Tagalongs) during the Ravens game. Also drank two beers. Felt a little guilty but I’m pretty much falling off the wagon at this point. Close friends plus weekends equal food craziness.

Dinner: Once Pete and Hat were gone I had leftover chicken and cauliflower for dinner to somehow make up for eating so poorly.

Veggie of the Day: cauliflower

Fish Oil: 1000mg

WOD / Active Recovery / Custom Workout

Static stretches during the game.