Custom CrossFit Programming: Friday, 10/31/14

5-10min warmup, mobilize!!!
5min Warmup
5 sets
1min @ 90%
30sec Walk\EZ Jog
rest\walk 2min additional
10 sets
30sec @ 90%
30sec EZ
5min EZ Jog\walk cooldown
Was freezing out, but I was prepared. This whole run felt awesome mentally, but physically my entire right leg hated me afterwards. Shin splits kicked back in halfway through the intervals, which never helps things!

Baltimore Running Festival: Saturday, 10/18/14

1:04:35 / 7.36mi / Average pace 8:46/mi
Ran the last leg of the team relay. Had more fun running today than ever! Yes, my legs and calves were killing me but it didn’t bother me at all. I just ignored it, dug in and did as best as I could because I was enjoying myself too much. I can’t believe I loved running for once!

Custom CrossFit Programming: Wednesday, 10/15/14

20-30min Run – 65%:
17:45 / 1.48mi / Average pace 12:00/mi
Had to cut this short since I was running out of time. The run felt fine. No aches/pains afterwards.