Custom CrossFit Programming: Wednesday, 2/4/15

20 weeks pregnant

Foam Roll + PT:
– ankle side-stepping w/ black theraband, 3 sets of 10
– clamshells w/ black theraband, 3 sets of 10
– goblet squats w/ 30# DB, black theraband above knees, 3 sets of 10, 30×1 tempo
– hip thrusts, holding for five seconds at top concentrating on using glutes only, 3 sets of 10
– reverse lunges, 3 sets of 10 for each leg

A1. Seated Banded Strict Ring PU Transition, 1.1.1, rest 20sec b\t 1s, 6 sets, rest 90sec
1. Thick red band
2. Medium red band
3. Tried skinny purple band and got nothing. Switched back to medium red band.
4. Medium red band
5. Medium red band
6. Medium red band — Barely got last rep.

A2. CGB @ 30X1, 3,2,1,3,2,1, rest 90sec
1. 63#, 3 reps — Too light, go heavier.
2. 83#, 2 reps — Go heavier.
3. 93#, 1 rep — Got it somewhat easily.
4. 83#, 3 reps — Heavy, but can go heavier.
5. 93#, 2 reps — Just barely got it.
6. 100#, 1 rep — Pretty heavy, but can go a tiny but heavier. Felt like my best rep of all of them.

B. EMOM 10
o – Hang PS x 3-4 – moderate
e – DU x 10, KBS x 10 – 35#
Used 48# on the bar which was the perfect moderate weight for me right now. I tried 53# but it was a touch too heavy (kept having to stop in between reps). During minute 5-6 my breathing/heart rate started to feel a little out of control so I took some deep, slow breaths to get things evened out again. Goal was to always get four PS in a row without putting the bar down and I felt like I pushed just hard enough to make that happen. I was slightly lightheaded after this workout, but only for a minute or two. Not sure if that’s such a horrible thing but I felt great afterwards!

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