Custom CrossFit Programming: Saturday, 1/31/15

Foam Roll + PT:
– ankle side-stepping w/ black theraband, 3 sets of 10
– clamshells w/ black theraband, 3 sets of 10
– goblet squats w/ 30# DB, black theraband above knees, 3 sets of 10
– hip thrusts, holding for five seconds at top concentrating on using glutes only, 3 sets of 10
– reverse lunges, 3 sets of 10 for each leg

2 sets:
500 m row
21 KBS (25#)
12 DB push press (12.5#)


rest 5 min
2 sets:
10 hang PC (33#)
80 yd FC (35#)
10 ring rows
50 jump rope singles


Went super light with all the weights since I’m getting over a cold, but also just wanted to move as quickly and consistently as possible (no stopping, etc.) The ring rows starting hitting my arms super hard, but I made myself push through it since that was my goal. LOVED this workout! P.S. Jumping rope with larger boobs was an interesting experience. Felt so self-conscious!

One response to “Custom CrossFit Programming: Saturday, 1/31/15

  1. good notes. ty 🙂

    Sean McCullagh Owner – South Baltimore Crossfit 443-826-0077

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