Custom CrossFit Programming: Saturday, 1/24/15

Foam Roll + PT:
– ankle side-stepping w/ black theraband, 3 sets of 10
– clamshells w/ black theraband, 3 sets of 10
– goblet squats w/ 30# DB, black theraband above knees, 3 sets of 10
– hip thrusts, holding for five seconds at top concentrating on using glutes only, 3 sets of 10
– reverse lunges, 3 sets of 10 for each leg

5 sets at moderate pace:
– 40yd pinch grip walk (25#/hand)
– 10 OH walking lunges (25#)
– 10 single arm KBS (5/arm, 25#)
– 200m row
– rest 1 min

1. 2:44
2. 2:27
3. 2:23
4. 2:15
5. 2:11

Felt like I was keeping a pretty good 85% pace, maybe even 90% during the last couple sets when it felt like I had more in the tank. Trying to feel out these workouts while pregnant is a whole new world! I’m still struggling to figure out how hard to go in the beginning so that I’m not totally fucked later. My faster and faster times are telling me I can definitely push more than I think at the start. Hoping to learn how my new body can handle workouts like this as the weeks pass. I’m just excited about the solid, steady energy I’m finally getting back. I also had 8-9 hours of sleep the night before and a perfect small breakfast to start the day, which I’m sure doesn’t hurt things.

My quads are SUPER sore today. It’s a good sore I haven’t felt in a while.

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