Custom CrossFit Programming: Wednesday, 1/21/15

Foam Roll + PT:
– ankle side-stepping w/ black theraband, 4 sets of 10
– clamshells w/ black theraband, 4 sets of 10
– goblet squats w/ 30# DB, black theraband above knees, 4 sets of 10
– glute bridges, hold for five seconds at top concentrating on using glutes only, 4 sets of 10

A1. Strict Pullups @ 31X1, 4 x AMRAP(-1), rest 90sec (red skinny band)
1. 3
2. 3
3. 3
4. 3
As soon as I did the first strict pull-up my entire core/ab area completely clenched up and did not feel good on my preggo belly. Modified this so I was doing pull-ups starting from the top of the bar, going down for the three count, pausing at the bottom then going up as fast as I could while using the red skinny band, which gave me no issue.

A2. Dips @ 31X1, 4 x AMRAP(-1), rest 90sec
1. 2
2. 2
3. 2
4. 2

B. EZ Bar Biceps Curls @ 31X1, 3 x 4-5, rest 90sec
1. EZ bar + 10#, 5 reps
2. EZ bar + 20#, 4 reps
3. EZ bar + 20#, 4 reps
Felt like such a gym bro while I did these. It actually got surprisingly heavy, very quickly.

KBS – 12kg
Jump Rope Singles
AD cals
16:20. Hardest I’ve pushed in a while, even more so than my last preggo group class. Felt so awesome to feel a little sweaty and get my heart pumping a bit more again (though not ridiculously/scary more)! Probably went about 80-85% for this. Kept all KB swings unbroken and wanted to do the same for the jump rope, but I fucked up halfway through my first set of 20. Otherwise, all good. The AD was pretty killer, but I tried my best to keep a balance on the AD by using it as a little bit of a break while also still chipping away at the cals as best as I could.


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