Custom CrossFit Programming: Wednesday, 1/7/15

5min EZ AD Warmup

10min Foam Roll of Calves, work 3 different lines of tension. Spend a full 5min on each calf.

Banded Pec Stretch – 1min on 30sec off x 3 each arm

A. PC, 3 x 2, rest 2min
63×2 – Had to stop since I started feeling some nagging pressure in my usual problem area on the back of my right hip.

B1. Incline Bench Press @ 30X1, 3 x 6-8, rest 90sec
1. 53×8
2. 63×6
3. 68×6 – Probably should have asked for a spot. This was my first time doing incline bench press!

B2. Banded MU Transitions on Rings, 1.1.1, rest 30sec b\t 1s, 3 sets, rest 90sec
Kept smashing the sides of my boobs when doing these. Hurt SO bad. I think I need to widen the ring position next time. ***Also need to remember to keep my legs out and think of the movement as a really fast sit-up.***

5 sets – Row
1min @ 70%
1min EZ
979 meters. 2:33/500m. 22 s/m.


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