Custom CrossFit Programming: Wednesday, 12/31/14

5min EZ AD Warmup

10min Foam Roll of Calves, work 3 different lines of tension. Spend a full 5min on each calf.

Getting a weird soreness behind my right knee after the calf rolling sessions specifically. It’s not painful – just feels off.

Do PT movements – Bands won’t be in yet, stick w\ Orange Band

Last set of clamshells was especially difficult. Could only do one at a time.

Banded Pec Stretch – Band goes on pull-up rig, stretch at a 45 degree angle into pec, 1min on 30sec off x 3 each arm

This felt really good, like I really needed it.

Wall Slides. 3 x 10 – focus on tension into wall on eccentric

I hate these. They bother my right shoulder for a little while afterwards. Maybe that means it’s doing something.

6min @ 70%
KTE x 5
KBS x 10 (35#)
AD 10cals

2 rounds + 8 cals. KTE followed by KBS really got my heart rate up, but I kept it under control.
rest\walk 3min
6min @ 70%
DB Power Clean – 20#\hand x 8
No Jump Burpee w\ Single Arm DB Row on each arm x 4 (15#)
3 Bar Dips

3 rounds + all 8 single arm DB rows. The DB power cleans took more out of me than I was expecting. Had to break up the bar dips into single reps.


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