Custom CrossFit Programming: Tuesday, 12/30/14

5min EZ Row Warmup

10min Foam Roll of Quads\Calves, work 3 different lines of tension. Think middle of quad, outer and inner. Start above knee and roll 3 inches up towards hip and 1 inch down, all the way up to your hip, take 2min to do each line all the way up to your hip, so should take 6min per quad. Use remaining 4min to lax ball calves.

I think I was going too hard on the “teardrop” area of my quads since it really hurt, but I thought it was good pain I was suppose to work through. It left me uncomfortably sore for about 20 minutes, so I will stop going so hard there.

Lax Ball under Collarbone – Pec Minor – 5-10min
– use door jamb to lean into, use other hand to stabilize ball and keep in one place
– do 10 extensions – raise arm up in front, keeping elbow fully extended, 5 count up
– do 10 single arm pressing motions, keep elbow back and under wrist, 5 count up
– do 10 Lateral raises, raise arm directly to the side and overheard, 5 count up

Doing the press movement was so uncomfortable to do that I was actually getting a little dizzy. I decreased all of the reps to 5 per side instead of ten since I really needed a breather. The right pec minor is still a little more sore than the left in general.

Make sure to do some lunges\F2I lunges and push your knee open and get a good stretch in the outside of your leg up to your glute to try to get that firing. Throw some glute bridges in there too, with a good hard squeeze at the top.

I can barely get my forearm down on the floor anymore. Maybe I need to do more of this…? Feeling super tight overall. Didn’t really feel my outer quad firing. There was a big stretch in the inner groin area more than anything. Am I doing it wrong?

We are gonna try some rowing today just to switch it up, if you get pain\discomfort of any kind – please discontinue.

10min @ 70%
Row 150m
Pushup x 8 (lean on couch or stable chair to elevate hands and still get full ROM (Chest to w\e surface)
DB\KB\Coffee Can Swing x 10 (find something moderately heavy that you can hold onto and do a KB Swing with it)
Walk up and down basement stairs briskly 2x (be careful)

I used my 2lb dumbbells for the swings which ended up being ridiculously easy. Everything else felt like I was working hard and keeping a good pace, though. My average pace was 2:32 at a 23 s/m rate.


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