Custom CrossFit Programming: Wednesday, 11/12/14

A. Split Jerk Introduction

B. Clean + Jerk, 60% x 2, 65% x2, 70% x 2 x 2, rest 2min, complete 1 jerk each set
Need to keep my shoulders/traps up and solid since I’m a bit shaky holding the barbell. It’s hard since everything feels a little tight. I’m also used to having my left foot out front–not the right–so that will take some getting used to.

C. Clean Pull, 4 x 2,rest 2min
118×2 – Feels like I shouldn’t go higher than this right now.

D1. Single Arm Db Upright Row, 4 x 4-6\arm, rest 90sec
1. 10# x 6
2. 15# x 6
3. 20# x 6
4. 25# x 6 – Was very heavy. Not sure if I was raising it up to my shoulder enough, but I might be able to go to 30# next time, but then stop there.

D2. Wt. Dip @ 30X1, 4 x 3-5, rest 90sec \\\ or \\\ Single Arm Seated DB Tricep Extensions @ 30X1, 4 x 3-5\arm, rest 90sec
Tried doing the tricep extensions but my right elbow was jamming up / hurting me, similar to a feeling I get when I do pushups. Was told to do dips instead, even though they weren’t weighted.
1. 4 dips
2. 4 dips
3. 3 dips
4. 4 dips

15min @ 65% – Run\Row\AD
Rowed. Fucking forgot to write some numbers down. It was shitty anyway since my lower back was hurting. Also made my right leg/IT band hurt a little towards the end. Was probably at around 2:50 average split.


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