League Workout #6: Saturday, 10/25/14

Did this one at CrossFit Rehoboth!

15 Clusters (53#)
50 KBS – Russian (35#)
15 Burpee Over Bar
50 Airsquats
15 Powersnatch (53#)
50 Pushups
15 OHS (53#)
Time: 20:37 (1237 seconds)
I knew the pushups were gonna make my time really high, but overall, I moved WAY slower than I would have liked. My lower back was hurting me during the kettlebell swings so I had to break those up into sets of 5 right off the bat! Ugh. The powersnatches were a shitshow. They felt so heavy, like I wasn’t getting enough power into them. Wrists were hurting during OHS but my wrist wraps helped once I put those on. Wasn’t happy with this, but happy to get it over with.


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