Custom CrossFit Programming: Tuesday, 10/21/14

Kip Swing Holds – 3 x 5, rest as needed
Got better and better at this from set to set. Last set was definitely my strongest for some weird reason.
Hollow Rocks, 3 x 10-20, rest as needed
Could only get 10 each set. SO hard!
Muscle Up Transition Work – Banded – 5min, no more than 10 reps
Need to work on keeping the rings at my sides/hips when I come through instead of in front of me.

10min @ 80% – Run
rest\walk 3min

10min @ 80%
Row 250m
10 Walking Lunge
3 Kipping Ring Pull-ups
5 rounds and 110m. Kipping ring pull-ups still feel so awesome to me! The lunges were the worst part of this workout. My quads were burning!


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