Custom CrossFit Programming: Thursday, 10/16/14

PC x 2-3 – moderate
Used 93#. Hit three reps each time. Was the perfect moderate weight.

CGB x 2-3 – moderate
Used 83#. Hit 3 reps for the first 7 sets, and 2 reps for the last 3 sets. Near the end I realized this was a bit on the heavier side for me. Stomach felt extremely tight halfway through this then went away near the end. So annoying. I get a little paranoid when it feels that tight, like something is being pulled too hard the wrong way inside of me!

3 sets
5 Kipping Pullups
3-4 Thrusters – heavy
15sec AD – all out
rest 5min
Skipped this to do the league workout instead.


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