Custom CrossFit Programming: Tuesday, 9/23/14

A1. Push Press x1, Split Jerk or Push Jerk x 1, 5 sets, build, rest 30sec
93×1 – Matched my old push press/jerk PRs. Didn’t feel like I had anymore in me.
Was doing this wrong at first since I misread it (was skipping the push press), but I did it correctly for the last three sets.
A2. T2B x 2-5 UB sets, 5 sets, rest 2min
Did five reps for each set.
League Workout
3 sets – On a 90sec clock, complete the following:
5 Deadlifts @ 70% of Last Tested 1RM (183# 1RM means I did this at 128#)
7 Burpees
Row for meters for remainder of time
rest 3min
1. 254m
2. 247m
3. 243m
744m total. This made my quads burn hardcore, not to mention how sore they still were from the first League WOD (wall balls). Was one of the more painful WODs I’ve done in a while. Not into difficult morning workouts.
10min EZ Row\Run
Only did about five minutes of this. Felt good on my legs.


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