Custom CrossFit Programming: Saturday, 9/20/14 (Bonus Training)

A1. Push press TnG x 5; build per set, rest 20sec:
73# ā€“ Felt like my right elbow wasn’t locked out on the last couple reps. Not sure if it “counts.”

A2. Strict chin up cluster pronated 2. 2. 2; rest 10sec; rest 3mins x 3-4sets:
Did 2. 2. 2 for each set, 4 sets total. Last set was REALLY damn hard.
3 sets 80-90% effort:
PC TnG 5 tough build per set
10 Wallballs
8 T2B
rest 2mins
83# (58sec)
93# (55sec)
103# (60sec)
TOUGH but FUN. This had my name all over it!
3 sets tough effort:
DL TnG x 5 build per set
AD 20sec tough effort
rest 3mins
123#, 13 cal (50sec)
143#, 11 cal (54sec)
153#, 9 cal (?sec)
FUCK THIS. Deadlifts were fine, but going hard on the AirDyne for 20 seconds was just awful. Felt somewhat ill for about 30 minutes. AirDyne flu?!


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