Custom CrossFit Programming: Friday, 9/19/14

A. OHS @ 32X1, 4 x 3-5, rest 2min
58×4 – Wrists started hurting me.
63×3 – Threw on wrist wraps. Much better.
63×4 – Tried the same weight again since it was already damn heavy. Felt more stable tackling it a second time.

B. EMOM 10
o – Pistols x 2-4\leg
Started strong with 3/leg for the first three sets. Only got to 2/leg for the last two sets since my right knee started bothering me more than usual.
e – Ring Support Hold 10-20sec
Did 20sec for each set, though it wasn’t easy near the end.
WLC Workout
9 min AMRAP:
2 push press (43#)
2 step ups
40m run
4 push press
4 step ups
40m run
I ended up at 207 reps. Kept my breathing constant and felt strong throughout (well, until near the end). Finally starting to understand how to pace/how far I can push myself depending on how much time is in a workout.


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