Custom Programming for Ankle Sprain Injury: Week 4, Day 2 of 2

5 min AirDyne
Crossover sym

Skipped hip mob to save time and hips felt tight the next day. Won’t make that mistake again.

A. Power clean, 4×3, rest 90 sec (mod weight):
Warmup with bar
88×3 – Solid. No ankle pain, but it did feel a little sore the next day. Right knee also bothered me a bit the next morning. It’s a small but nagging issue I’ve had for a couple weeks now. Think I need fresh SuperFeet shoe inserts.

B. EMOM 10:
Odd: Bar dips @ 30×1, 3-4
1. 4! Could only get 1-2 in a row before, maybe even just a month ago. And these were slower paced! HUGE for me. Really boosted my confidence.
3. 4
5. 4
7. 4 – Pushed hard.
9. 4 – Really went after last couple reps. Some serious grunts!

Even: Kipping ring pull ups, 2-5
2. 3 – See note below.
4. 4 – Was trying to use false grip for the first and second sets but it didn’t feel right. I kept losing the kipping flow. Switched to a more normal grip for the third set and on. Not sure if I was supposed to or not but it felt much more solid.
6. 5
8. 5
10. 5 – One of my new favorite movements.

C. DB Ext Rot @ 30×0, 3 x 8-10, rest 1 min b/w arms:
1. 5#x10 (L + R)
2. 7.5#x10 (L + R) – Barely made it with left
3. 10#x7 (L) x8 (R – PR!)
5 min @ 80% – row for distance:
1098m, 2:16.6 average split
Rest/walk 2 min
5 min @ 80%:
Farmer’s carry – 53# / hand
Step ups x 10 – 20″
4 rounds + 5 step ups. FC was perfectly difficult. Felt like everything was firing at a good rate. I think a normal night of sleep (7.5 hours) was a game changer here.
Rest/walk 3 min
5 min @ 80% – AD for cals:
63 cals. Really settled into a serious zone and used some visualization to keep my breathing steadier than ever. The most meditative I’ve felt during a workout in a long time. I have no idea if 63 cals is “good” but it was a great end to an amazing day at the gym!


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