Custom Programming for Ankle Sprain Injury: Week 3, Day 3 of 3

Ankle is feeling AWESOME. I would say it’s 95% better. I am ready to start incorporating some lifting into my workouts again!

3 min AirDyne EZ
Crossover Symmetry – Activation
PVC pipe stretches
Hip mob on bench + w/ lax ball

A. Strict Press @ 20X1, 3 x AMRAP (-1), rest 2min
Wasn’t sure what weight to go with but this felt right. The second and third sets were super hard for me, but I kept everything tight and breathed well to get everything I could out of it. Strict press always feels weak for me.
B1. Strict Pullup, 3 x AMRAP (-1), rest 30sec:
Set 1: 5
Set 2: 3
Set 3: 2
B2. Kipping Pullup, 3 x AMRAP (-1), rest 2:30:
Set 1: 13
Set 2: 11
Set 3: 9
During set 2 of the strict pullups my pec minors were already starting to burn! During set 2 of the kipping pullups I started losing control of the flow of stringing the pullups together – I think it was because my grip was starting to fail and I kept trying to adjust it at the top of almost every pullup. Set 3 of each movement was extremely challenging. My pecs and forearms were practically jelly at the end of all this. Arms were slighty sore the next day, too.

3 sets, 30sec work/30sec rest:
– Situps
– Side Bridge (L)
– Side Bridge (R)
– Flutter Kicks
– rest 2min
Set 1: A breeze.
Set 2: Starting to wilt.
Set 3: OMG, flutter kicks suck!

Pec minor + forearm mob w/ lax ball
Banded ankle therapy exercises


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