Custom Programming for Ankle Sprain Injury: Week 3, Day 2 of 3

Getting my ankle exercises out of the way in the morning really seems to be helping, especially since I can stay in bed and tackle them (I’m usually pretty stubborn about at-home PT). Ankle felt very good today – feels like progress again.

3 min AirDyne EZ
Crossover Symmetry – Activation
Hip mob on bench + w/ lax ball

A. Banded MU Transitions, Singles, 10 Good Reps, rest as needed:
Was lucky to have immediate feedback from my coach since he was around. Need to bring hips way up to rings and make that pivot happen quickly. I feel like the one rep I really nailed was #10. Will keep the feedback in mind if this ever comes up again.
B. False Grip Pullups x 1.1.1, rest 20sec b\t 1s, rest 2min b\t sets, 3 sets:
Felt pretty awesome doing these on the rings, I gotta admit. Last set got hard since my wrists were getting irritated, but I didn’t mind it too much since I’d like to get use to this grip.
C. Powell Raise @ 30X1, 3 x 8-10\arm, rest 1min b\t arms:
5# – 10 reps (L+R)
7.5# – 10 reps (R), 9 reps (L)
7.5# – 10 reps (R), 8 reps (L)
Only change from last time was getting an additional rep with my left arm on the second set. 7.5# is still no joke for me. Was extremely difficult hitting the last of those 8 reps.

3 sets – 80-90%:
– 10cal AD
– Single Arm KBS (R) x 6 – 25#
– Single Arm KBS (L) x 6 – 25#
– 10cal AD
– KB Single Arm Push Press x 6 (R) – 25#
– KB Single Arm Push Press x 6 (L) – 25#
– 10cal AD
rest 2min
I thought that I may have been pacing myself too much at first, which I confirmed with myself once I was done. Can push harder next time, though those push presses definitely got difficult. Just could have moved faster in general, especially with AD.


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