Custom Programming for Ankle Sprain Injury: Week 3, Day 1 of 3

3 min AirDyne EZ
Crossover Symmetry – Activation
Hip mob on bench + w/ lax ball

A1. CGB @ 30X1, 12,10,8,6, rest 90sec:
33×12 – Easy.
53×10 – Good.
63×8 – Hard.
73×6 – Really hard! But still solid. Picked just the right weights.
A2. Single Arm Braced DB Rows @ 2020, 4 x 12-15\arm, no rest b\t arms, rest 90sec:
15×15 (L+R) – Challenging but good.
20×14 (L+R) – Already got pretty heavy here so I decided to stay at this weight for the rest of the workout.
20×12 (L+R) – Barely made it.
20×12 (L+R) – Struggled hard for those final reps.

B. EMOM 10:
o – HSPU Negatives @ 31A1, x 2-4
Got 4 reps each set, but barely made it within the minute on the last couple.
e – KBS x 12 – 44#
Still loving these kettlebell swings.
AD – 10sets:
30sec @ 90%
30sec EZ
Challenging for sure, but breathing properly helped!


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