Custom CrossFit Programming: Tuesday, 9/30/14

A1. Weighted Eccentric Only Pullups @ 41A1, 4 x 3-4, rest 90sec
1. Bodyweight
2. 10#, 4 reps
3. 15#, 4 reps
4. 20#, 4 reps
A2. Standing Braced Single Arm DB Press @ 22X1, 4 x 12-15\arm, rest 90sec
1. 5#, 15 reps
2. 10#, 15 reps
3. 15#, 13 reps (L) / 14 reps (R) – Left shoulder at site of old injury (rhomboid spasm) started to bother me, so I dropped back to 10#.
4. 10#, 15 reps

B. RDL @ 4020, 3 x 6-8, rest 2min
83×8 – Heavy, but should go heavier since I was hitting eight reps.

C. Clean Pull, 3 x 3, rest 2min
63×3 – Too light.
93×3 – Was doing it wrong. Went lighter.
83×3 – Got the form down.
103×3 – Heavy! But I can go heavier next time.
FLR on Rings – accumulate 4min AFAP
Tried to keep this to 30 second segments at first, but eventually had to drop down to roughly 20 second segments with a few seconds rest in between.

Custom CrossFit Programming: Monday, 9/29/14

5min Row\AD – Warmup
10min Mobility – work on your nasty business
Hamstrings and calves needed a lot of work. Was slightly sore in the shoulders but not bad at all.
30min Row @ moderate pace
– every 5min, get off rower and complete:
10 Walking Lunge
10 Pushup
10 Ringrow
10 Back Extension
10 Situp
Was feeling pretty worn out and also wasn’t in a great mood. I only did 4 rounds of this instead of 6 and didn’t do the back extensions since it was too far away from the little area I set up for myself. So lazy. Really felt some burning in my quads when doing the walking lunges and got a lot more sweaty than I expected.

Custom CrossFit Programming: Thursday, 9/25/14

Warmup and play with light weights on Push Jerk and Split Jerk for 15min
63×2 – Could have gone higher but this felt like a good moderate weight to stop at. Was more focused on form than anything. Will definitely stick to push jerks for the comp since I’m more comfortable with those.
400m MedBall Run – as an individual
This was harder than I expected, so I was glad to get a feel for it instead being surprised about it at Saturday’s comp. Just felt heavy and sluggish. Tried holding the ball in front of me, but on either shoulder was best/fastest, though it was a little tiring on the arms. Time was 1:57.
10 sets – Row
30sec @ 90%
30sec EZ