Custom Programming for Ankle Sprain Injury: Week 2, Day 3 of 3

3 min AirDyne EZ
Crossover Symmetry – Activation
Hip mob on bench + w/ lax ball
DROM kicks
Sprained ankle exercises

A. EMOM 10m:
Odd – AD 40 sec @ 80%
Even – HS hold +15s
First five minutes: Felt like a ton of rest. After that, I fell into a more satisfying pace.

B. EMOM 10m:
Odd – CGB @ 60% 1 RM 3-4

Even – Pendlay row @20×1 x 4-6
63#, then 73#

Like we discussed, this felt easy to me, but I have to be okay with that sometimes! Just felt like a lot of rest. I started with 63# on the Pendlay row and then increased it to 73# halfway through the workout. I was still hitting six reps, but they felt solid and felt like the right amount of weight to do for this workout.
5m AD @ 80%
rest 3m
5 min @ 80%:
– 5 Pushups
– 10 KBS – 35#
– 40 yard Farmer’s carry – 35#/hand
4 rounds + 10 KBS
rest 3m
5m AD @ 80%
Great flow for this whole part of the workout. Heart was pumping the whole time but was manageable since I paid a lot of attention to my breathing. Deep, controlled breaths works well for me. Something to keep in mind since I do occasionally forget how to control my breathing in class unless I’m reminded!


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