Custom Programming for Ankle Sprain Injury: Week 2, Day 1 of 3

5 min AirDyne EZ
Crossover Symmetry – Activation
Arm/Hip circles
Hip mob on bench + w/ lax ball
Self loaded banded calf on sprained ankle

A. RDL @ 3211,
4×4-6, rest 2 min:
I like these. Felt good on my hamstrings. Kind of lit up my left shoulder injury during the last set, but only for a quick second.
B1. KBS x 14 UB, 44#, rest 60s
B2. T2B x 5 UB, 4 sets, rest 60s
This felt awesome to me. Didn’t realize I could use that 44# kettlebell! T2B felt super strong. 60s seemed like the perfect amount of rest to breathe in between but also keep it challenging. Also finally did this kind of workout right!

15min at moderate pace:
– 20 cal AD
– 5 pushups
– 5 kipping pullups
– 5 bar dips – Changed to 3.
– 5 OHS – Did not do, brace prevented ankle from bending.
Final: 4 rounds + 1 dip
Everything but the pullups was really difficult for me. As soon as I did the first rep of the first pushup I felt so weak! Arms felt super worn out. Feeling weak with pushups right off the bat like that was a little unexpected. Dips were all done as singles. SO HARD. Also still hate AD forever.


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