Last Week of the Challenge

Realized I never hit “Publish” on this one! I wrote this a couple years ago so here’s where I ended up. Better late than never:

In Conclusion

While I’ve learned a lot, this huge change in my lifestyle is not sustainable for me. I love a variety a food in my life, and while I’ll definitely be taking a lot of knowledge with me when this is over, it just wouldn’t work over the long term. I feel like I was already pretty good about doing Crossfit 3-4 times a week already and was making big strides (until I hurt my back). No need to try and squeeze in 10 minutes of some random workout just to get it in. The stretching is something I’d like to continue, though. Fish oil will most likely stick around, as well. But yeah, the food part. I can’t wait to enjoy desserts and things every now and then without having to worry about how many points I’ll be losing over it.


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