Another Weekend of Lost Points / Day 42-44

Day 42

Went on an insane Halloween bike party throughout the city of Baltimore. 1,300+ riders were counted! Traffic was blocked at every intersection for 10+ minutes. The ride ended at Union Craft Brewing with a big Halloween party including dancing, food trucks, a photo booth and a moonbounce. Amazing night. And yup, I spent all my diet points on lots of deliciously naughty things: beers, a burger and some candy. The WLC and Halloween don’t play well together.

Breakfast: Skipped the breakfast photo since I was in a rush (slightly overslept by accident) but it was a repeat of yesterday’s meal.

Yup, I gotta get my eggs in even when I’m running late. You don’t want to see me without breakfast in my belly.

Snack: Apple, peanut butter, hard-boiled egg, banana.

Lunch: Spinach salad, chicken, red cabbage, pecans, pomegranate seeds. Pumpkin, sweet potato and leek soup on the side.

Dinner: I didn’t have my camera with me at the Halloween party, but I got a giant burger from the Chowhound that had lettuce, tomato, red onion, applewood smoked bacon and cheddar on it. Also drank 2.5 beers. Even though it was all-you-can-drink, I could not have another drop. I’m even more of a lightweight nowadays.

Fish Oil: 1000mg

WOD / Active Recovery / Custom Workout
Was an idiot and realized I had made NO time for my running. There goes my two bonus points.

Another stupid lost point.

Day 43

The entire day was one big downward spiral from last night. At least the workout was good.

Breakfast / Lunch: Kicked the day off by losing all three diet points at brunch! Cory and I decided to get food at Pete’s Grille where I got a bacon, mushroom and Swiss omelet with a big side of home fries and wheat toast on the side. Made all kinds of happy noises through the entire meal. Wish I hadn’t forgotten my camera.

Dinner: Since food points were messed up anyway, I joined Cory at the local Korean take-out place right near our house, Ajumma. Ordered my favorite Korean meal, bibimbap. Dear God, yes.

Took the zero diet points even further by topping the meal off with sweet potato ice cream from Dominion. Uh-mazing. So ready to try pumpkin next. I’ve had their spinach ice cream before and it’s just awesome.

Probably one of my favorite food days in weeks.

Fish Oil: 1000mg

WOD / Active Recovery / Custom Workout
Custom workout: 5k time trial. Hadn’t run a 5k in almost a year so I was curious to see where I was. My last best time was 27:22 when I was specifically training for a 5k, so I completely shocked myself by getting 26:42! My average pace was 8:35. Really happy with myself.

About 10 minutes of fast walking on the way to the track. Foam roll and static stretches when I got back home.

Day 44

Food co-op swap day! I cooked up a giant batch of my favorite beef chili (omitted the sugar) and made those carrot banana muffins as well. Walked away with so much amazing food. Really happy to be a part of this.

Breakfast: Two sunny side up eggs and some bacon.

Lunch: Butternut squash soup that Holly made along with the last carrot banana muffin.

Dinner: Roasted chicken and cauliflower along with some pumpkin, sweet potato and leek soup.

Fish Oil: 1000mg

WOD / Active Recovery / Custom Workout
Ran for 10 minutes. 1 mile time: 8:26.

Was at the gym for the food swap so I stuck around and did lots of foam rolling, lax balling and dynamic/static stretches.


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