Fall cravings / Day 34-35

Oh man, I feel like I want to break the rules more than ever nowadays! Especially after a long and stressful week, all I want to do is go home, drink some Dogfish Head Punkin Ale, drink and chill.

Which reminds me: I’ve been reading about and seeing photos of the fun fall activities people are enjoying, and along with those activities comes all kinds of delicious foods that I haven’t been able to enjoy yet: pumpkin bread, apple cider donuts, hot cocoa (not fall-specific but I’m craving it hard)…the list goes on. May have to spend a bonus point this weekend on something especially yummy so that I don’t go totally insane.

Day 34

Got up at 5:30 am to go to my second chiropractor appointment. Got cracked into place again. Feeling sore a day later but I remember I had this same soreness last time so I’m not too worried about it. I’ll be feeling good by tomorrow I’m sure.

Breakfast: Three eggs, spinach, green onions. Hot sauce was added after this was taken. I keep forgetting to include my drink with the breakfast photo. Had a cup of English breakfast tea, too.

When I got home from the appointment I was kind of hungry again. Paleo banana muffin made by Joe for the food swap and a cup of coffee.

Had a banana when I got to work.

Snack: Some coconut flakes and nuts, half an apple with the rest of my peanut butter packet and a hard boiled-egg.

Lunch: Joe’s beef chili, some carrots and guac and a spinach salad with pomegranate seeds, pecans and green onions.

Dinner: Baked a pack of chicken thighs, so I enjoyed those along with some of Bill’s brisket and sauteed spinach made for the food swap. Having all these foods readily available to me throughout the week has been amazing.

Fish Oil: 1000mg

WOD / Active Recovery / Custom Workout
A. 5 min run @ easy pace, walk 3 min actively
B. Run 3 sets: 3 min on / 2 min walk x3, “ON” effort is higher effort running pace, “Walk” is breathing well (recovery)
C. 5 min run @ easy pace, cool down

Ran outside the gym to stay motivated. Last set of part B was tough, but overall I felt strong and fast. I don’t actually hate running anymore.

Spent tons of time using the lax ball on my back, doing pigeon pose and foam rolling pretty much everything. Doing mobilization at the gym is the best.

Day 35

Breakfast: Four eggs, spinach, green onions and hot sauce.

Snack: Half an apple with half a packet of almond butter (first for me, very yummy), a banana and a hard boiled-egg. Didn’t eat any of the nuts and coconut flakes since the almond butter took care of me.

Lunch: The rest of Joe’s chili, the rest of Bill’s brisket and spinach, the rest of my apple and almond butter and some carrots and guac.

Dinner: Beth’s Hawaiian chicken with a sweet potato on the side. Been lacking veggies last couple days. Been too lazy to cook them.

Fish Oil: 1000mg

WOD / Active Recovery
Was gonna run but it started pouring. Ended up doing tabata situps and knee push-ups instead.

Lax balled for a few minutes at the office. Foam rolled my upper back at home and did couch stretch as well.

I’m skipping town around 6 am tomorrow to get to Philly for the WordPress conference. Last night I went out a bought a giant traveling cooler to pack my lunch in so that I can nab those Weekly Challenge bonus points. Oh, check out the costume contest prizes. I’m feeling pretty confident that I might win something! Wish me luck.


3 responses to “Fall cravings / Day 34-35

  1. k

    I just went on vacation and just kinda let myself go off the charts and truth be told… I really missed Paleo! This is the first vacation I’ve gone on since being “officially” paleo (my 1 year is coming up in a few months) and I learned a lot.. Mostly that more than one cheat day at a time is not all that satisfying. And even though I ate 500% or whatever more bread than I usually do (which is to say that I eat it like once every several months), I think I actually killed my general desire to have it. I think you’ll find the same maybe when you’re done..? Certainly habits will come back of course, but I realized hey, eating really unhealthy wears off ? I think that’s when you know you’re starting to really change..

    Also, it sounds like I need to make myself chili! Do you have a favorite recipe?

    • Nathalie

      That’s awesome, Kimmy. I don’t think I’m as strict as you whatsoever but ever since I started Crossfit and did my first Paleo challenge I’ve totally cut down on everything like bread, rice, processed stuff, etc. I’m extremely good when there’s routine in my life, AKA during the work week. I can be perfect Monday–Friday with almost no issue. Once the weekend hits I tend to go a little nuts. And by nuts I mean I’ll have dessert after each of my dinners, and maybe a couple beers on Saturday night, so I guess it’s not that bad…? I almost see it as a reward. Who knows how detrimental it is to my progress, but it’s just important for my sanity.

      This is my favorite chili recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/its-chili-by-george Will be making it this weekend for the next food co-op swap.

      • k

        Ah cool. Will definitely be trying it out. What I came away with from cheating tho, was that I think I should cheat more! Funny but I think I realized that I have actually come so far that cheating a little bit doesn’t actually hurt that bad, and I don’t feel like I’m getting sucked in again—to be honest, maybe it was because I wasn’t eating shitty food, just still quality carby food, I didn’t really feel that different. Except for my skin, which is always always affected, I didn’t feel particularly “toxic”. So I ya I think cheating is totally necessary for keeping it up!

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