Jury duty and new snacks / Day 32-33

Day 32

Was up super early for jury duty. Fun! Was my first time. Longest day ever. At least I didn’t get called and got tons of reading done (book five of A Song of Ice and Fire).

Breakfast: Three eggs, spinach and hot sauce.

Snack: During a 10 minute break I enjoyed a banana, hard-boiled egg and apple slices out in the hallway.

Lunch: Ate a salad I prepped the night before: baby spinach, baked chicken breast, green onions, pecans and pomegranate seeds (used the wooden spoon method – good part starts at 2:45). Tried making it taste a little more like fall with the new-to-me salad toppings. Was good but I think I should switch out the baby spinach for something else.

Dinner: Got home and downed half a piece of paleo lasagna that Suzie made for the food co-op. Was SO good. Ate it with half a sweet potato on the side.

After I got back from the gym I ate the other half.

And then I ate a pickle. These Tru Pickles are awesome, and they’re Whole Life Challenge friendly! The best/weirdest part is you can only find them at Ace Hardware stores.

I also made some roasted rosemary nuts, but this time I threw in some unsweetened coconut flakes. Totally made this up and it turned out pretty well. Used walnuts in addition to the almonds.

Fish Oil: 1000mg

WOD / Active Recovery
Ran two laps around the park (1 mile) before going to the gym. Was at the gym to meet with my coach about some custom programming he’s putting together for me so I can work around my back injury. Did a bunch of tests to see what I could and couldn’t handle. No pullups, rowing or Airdyne, but I can do a surprising amount of other things.

My pain is at about 2 out of 10 nowadays. Used to be a constant 6 or 7. Sweet.

Rolled out and used a lax ball at the gym. I love using the spiked foam roller they have there. It hurts so good.

Day 33

First day of custom programming. Yay! Finally, something new.

Breakfast: Four eggs, spinach, green onions and hot sauce.

Snack: Roasted nuts, hard-boiled egg, banana, and then some peanut butter with apple slices. This is the first time I’ve had peanut butter in years. I used to never like it but I decided to give it a try since I wanted to experiment with some new snacks. Was pleased to discover how delicious it was. I wonder if I like other peanut butter things now.

Lunch: Baby spinach salad with red cabbage, pomegranate seeds, green onions and pecans. Leftover Italian sausage soup on the side (the last of it) and some carrots and guac. Barely ate any of the carrots since I was pretty full.

Dinner: Beef chili that Joe made for the food co-op (super delicious) along with the rest of the salad from lunch.

Fish Oil: 1000mg

WOD / Active Recovery / Custom Workout
First day of custom workout programming. Will tag these posts “Custom Workout.”

A. Single leg weighted split squat: 3 x 6-8, 3010 tempo, 15 sec rest b/w legs

First set: Got to 8 reps with 10# dumbbells.
Second set: Got to 8 reps with 15# dumbbells. Was pretty heavy so I went up in weight only slightly.
Third set: Got to 8 reps with 17.5# dumbbells. Since I should be hitting the 6 rep mark at this point I probably should have gone for 20#.

B. 6 rounds, not for time, rest as needed:
10 walking lunges
10 pushups
10 sec side bridge, left
10 sec side bridge, right

Deceptively difficult. Was a nice little workout.

Being back at the gym got me so inspired to spend a lot of time on mobilizing. Spent almost 30 minutes doing couch stretch, lax balling my upper back, foam rolling pretty much everything with the spiked foam roller and holding pigeon pose for a while. Very relaxing.


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