New Weekly Challenge / Day 31

Weekly Challenge #5

Make your own breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday next week. Details from the site:

You may pack food that you made at home OR you may visit a grocery store salad bar, but YOU must put your lunch together, whether you work at an office or from home. No take-out, no delivery!

All the rules apply to breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are being social, dine in over a home-cooked meal with friends and then go out for something fun!

This does not mean that you can’t eat out. Our suggestion is to eat something ahead and order a salad or appetizer to nibble on. You can eat at a restaurant, it just can’t be a primary meal.

This is going to be rough. I’m driving to Philly for a WordPress conference on Saturday, and then on Sunday I’m going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Really gonna have to plan this one out.

Leaderboard Standing

As of today I am number 9 of 55 on my gym’s leaderboard. I am in the bonus point hole by one while everyone else ahead of me has points to spare. I’m hoping to be extra good for a little while to get back on track to a perfect score.

Day 31

Got my two bonus points for the sleep challenge (still in the hole though). I need at least 7 hours of sleep a night to function anyway so it was easy peasy.

Breakfast: Three eggs with leftover bacon, spinach and green onions.

Snack: Banana, half an apple, and a handful of blueberries and almonds.

Lunch: Baked chicken breasts, half a sweet potato and leftover broccoli.

Dinner: Found a small amount of leftover chili in the fridge, so I downed it before it went bad. Nothing I hate more than wasted food.

Later I ate a much larger dinner: Beth’s Hawaiian chicken from the food swap, half a sweet potato and leftover broccoli. You wouldn’t think chicken, pineapple and bacon would go together, but this was freakin’ awesome.

Then I had a small cup of coffee.

WOD / Active Recovery
Tabata situps and squats. Blah.

Lax balled at the office for what probably amounted to twenty minutes.

Fish Oil: 1000mg


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