Unplanned point spending / Day 28-30

Day 28

Hooray, weekend! We have lots of errands to run, most of them related to the costume I’m putting together. I’m gonna be Ash from Evil Dead 2. I have to build my chainsaw arm and find my clothes at the thrift store on Saturday. Hope I have good luck ’cause I’m running out of time.

Breakfast: Two eggs on sweet potato hash.

Snack: Beef jerky, almonds and blueberries.

Lunch: Leftover Italian sausage soup. Spinach salad on the side with green bell pepper and red onion thrown in.

Dinner: Completely unplanned cheat. When I got home a couple friends were already over watching the O’s game with Cory. They were about to order my favorite wings in the city (chef style wings from iBar) so I decided to suck it up and join them. Since I was already being bad I went a little further: also enjoyed a Greek salad (feta cheese and creamy dressing) and leftover french fries from someone else’s meal. Definitely didn’t have enough bonus points to spend but I decided not to let it get to me. It’s been a month, I’m seeing some big changes, so it felt like the right time to indulge.

WOD / Active Recovery
Tabata air squats and situps.

Lax ball and strengthening exercises for my back.

Fish Oil: 1000 mg
Sleep: 7 hours. Was up late watching Game 4 (yeah, O’s!) but I just managed to get in under the wire.

Day 29

Breakfast: WLC-friendly bacon and two eggs on the last of the sweet potato hash. It’s weird but I’m glad that was the last of it. Pretty sick of it.

Lunch: Leftover Italian sausage soup.

Spent six hours straight on my costume and needed to keep chugging along, so I made some Cuban espresso and turned it into café con leche, meaning there was milk in it. Minus another point. SO worth it. Was insanely good. Can’t wait to have cream in my coffee again. That’s one habit that won’t change.

Also cooked up another batch of picadillo – this time, for the food swap I’m hosting on Sunday.

Dinner: Some of the freshly-made picadillo and leftover frijoles negros. Forgot a photo, but I’m sure you know what that looks like by now.

WOD / Active Recovery
Skipped my first ever workout! Was too wrapped up with working on my costume. Just couldn’t make time.

Lax ball and back strengthening exercises.

Fish Oil: 1000 mg
Sleep: 8 hours

Day 30

I finally finished my costume! It’s awesome. I think it’s one of my best. I’ll post pics once I have them.

Breakfast: Bacon and four eggs scrambled with spinach and scallions. This was a lot of food (ate a couple pieces of bacon beforehand, too) but I managed to fit it all in.

At noon some gym friends came over for our first ever Whole Life Challenge food co-op swap! I ended up with servings of brisket, sauteed spinach, Hawaiian chicken and paleo lasagna. I can’t wait to eat it all this week.

Snack: Apple, roasted almonds and blueberries (unpictured). Shared this with Cory throughout the day.

Lunch: The last of the frijoles negros (finally) and the leftover picadillo from my food co-op cooking adventure.

Dinner: Baked chicken breast, sauteed broccoli and half a sweet potato.

Also had a banana later.

WOD / Active Recovery
Tabata air squats and situps.

Lax ball and static stretching.

Fish Oil: 1000 mg
Sleep: 8 hours

One month down, one more to go! My abs are a lot more predominant and none of my pants really fit me the way they used to. I used to be able to get away with a size 2, but now the one pair of size 0 pants I own is still a little loose on me. I’m not sure if I’ve lost weight or if weight is being redistributed. I’m going into the gym on Tuesday so I’ll weigh myself then and see what’s up.


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