Almost Done Being Sick / Day 26-27

Day 26

At home sick today. My cold seems to be at its peak. Nothing more annoying than getting sick when you feel like you’re at the pinnacle of good health. Compounded with my back pain, I’m a very frustrated lady.

Breakfast: Tried four eggs today instead of the usual three. Ate this easily. Threw in leftover bacon (not sure how “leftover bacon” is even in my vocabulary), spinach and scallions.

Lunch: Leftover Italian sausage soup. So glad I made a ton of this. It’s delicious.

Dinner: Non-stop picadillo and frijoes negros, baby.

WOD / Active Recovery
This was the last thing I wanted to be doing today, but I forced myself to get out and run two laps around the park (1 mile). Wasn’t too bad, but I did have a slight headache afterwards that went away pretty quickly.

Lax balled and also started incorporating some rhomboid strengthening exercises, like this one.

Fish Oil: 1000 mg
Sleep: 8 hours

Day 27

My cold is almost totally gone. Back pain has settled. Kinda feels normal after doing the strengthening exercises which is exciting. Will be working with my coach next week to see what I’m capable of so I can get back in the gym and do something.

Breakfast: Eggs on top of sweet potato hash.

Lunch: Told you I had a lot of this left. More picadillo and frijoles negros. I’m not very exciting.

Dinner: Had to rush to a friend’s house for a costume fitting so I forgot to take a photo of dinner, but it was the same as yesterday’s lunch: bowl of Italian sausage soup.

WOD / Active Recovery
Tabata situps and air squats. So sick of calling it in. I want to do a WOD!

Lax balled at work for what probably added up to half an hour.

Fish Oil: 1000 mg
Sleep: 8 hours


2 responses to “Almost Done Being Sick / Day 26-27

  1. k

    It’s been almost thirty days—how does your body feel? Do you feel your body comp changing much? I always feel so much lighter in a physical way, when I eat strict paleo.

    • Nathalie

      I used to crash in the afternoons but now I never do. I’m also noticing my six-pack coming back with a vengeance. It’s pretty cool.

      Tonight’s gonna be bad, though. When I got home there were some friends here watching the game with Cory so I’ll be skipping my workout and spending three diet points I can’t afford to spend (I only have one to spend). Yep, pretty much doing everything I said I wouldn’t do. We’re ordering one of my favorite meals so I’m pretty excited, though.

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