First Taste of Beer, New Weekly Challenge and Chiropractor Appt / Day 23-25

Day 23

Sad news: We cancelled our plans for RenFest since it ended up being way too cold and rainy. Grr! I also wasn’t feeling 100% so staying inside all day was probably for the best. Didn’t stop me from using my bonus points though…

Breakfast / lunch: Same as yesterday’s breakfast.

Dinner: Instead of RenFest, everyone came over to hang out and watch both the Ravens and O’s games instead. After the Ravens game, everyone went to get take-out sandwiches so I prepped leftover picadillo, frijoles negros and salad for myself.

Once the O’s game started I indulged in one of my favorite beers: Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA. I had three of these, meaning 0 points for diet. I had already expected this to happen during RenFest so no biggie. But the next morning, I did regret having three. Two would have been more than enough. Being a little sick didn’t help, either.

WOD / Active Recovery
Made sure to get my run in earlier in the day before all the activities began. Did two laps around the park (1 mile).

Paid special attention to my calves with the lax ball. I think my almost daily running has been making them especially sore.

Fish Oil: 1000 mg. Luckily my friend Beth texted me to remind me about this since the beer made me forget completely!
Water: 56 oz water, 8 oz chai tea

Weekly Challenge #4: Sleep
I need to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night. Details:

If you don’t get a full 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep, you may accumulate the remainder during the day with a nap. You may count the beginning of your night’s sleep when you turn off the lights.

Day 24

Those three beers hit me hard. Wasn’t feeling so hot today. Not doing that again for a while.

Breakfast: Two fried eggs over sweet potato hash.

Snack: Banana, some almonds, hard-boiled egg, some apple slices and a couple blueberries.

Lunch: Leftover picadillo and frijoles negros and the rest of the apple.

Dinner: More picadillo and frijoles negros.

WOD / Active Recovery
Really wanted to run but my cold was making me feel pretty crappy, so I opted for tabata air squats and pushups instead.

Lax balled and foam rolled.

Fish Oil: 1000 mg
Sleep: 7 hours. Since I drank so much the night before, this was easy – I was out like a light. Could have used another hour or so, though.

Day 25

Went to my chiropractor appointment in the morning. Turns out I have an inflamed rhomboid muscle that’s led to an elevated rib head. Need to go back for 3-4 more sessions to get myself straightened out (hah). He cracked me right in the sore spot today and it felt incredible. Been feeling pressure there for weeks. I love the chiropractor.

Breakfast: Three scrambled eggs with spinach and leftover bacon. It was about 5:45 am when I ate this. Felt weird eating so early.

Snack: Banana on the way to work from the chiropractor. Blueberries, apple and almonds at work.

Lunch: Yup, more picadillo and frijoles negros. Rest of the apple, too. It’s hard to get sick of this. There’s still a lot left, too. Yesss.

Dinner: Made a giant batch of Italian sausage soup using the chicken stock I made last Saturday. Also added leftover chicken pieces and cilantro I found in the fridge. This warm soup was exactly what my sick, broken body was craving.

WOD / Active Recovery
The chiropractor said I can start easing back into Crossfit as long as I avoid anything that aggravates my sore spot, so I decided to go in today and feel it out. I am in the middle of a cold/cough but I didn’t care; I was too excited to wait any longer.

A. Standing Barbell Press, 3 x 4-6, 30X1

Couldn’t go too high on this since it was targeting my sore spot, so I stopped at 40# for 6 reps. Using the muscle felt kind of good. Maybe I should start some rhomboid strengthening exercises before finding out what I should be doing at my appointment next week.

B. 3 Rounds
30 Wall Balls (20#/14#)
500m Row

There was an alternate to this workout that I decided to do instead: 3 rounds of 15 wall balls and a 400m run. Did the wall balls with a 12# ball instead of my usual 14#. Finished this workout way ahead of everyone (7:59), even ahead of other people doing the alternate version. Definitely felt like I was cheating myself but I just wanted to make sure I didn’t hurt my back. It was somewhat sore later, but when is it not sore nowadays? Kind of frustrating but I guess I need to be patient with myself. I learned that the hard way when I was stubborn about my sprained ankle.

Used my lax ball at work off and on throughout the day. Also used the lax ball at the gym on my sore spot and did some hamstring and shoulder stretches after the WOD.

Fish Oil: 1000 mg
Sleep: 7.5 hours. Was up at 5:30 am to get to my chiropractor appointment and still managed to make this happen! Being sick really helped me go to sleep early.


2 responses to “First Taste of Beer, New Weekly Challenge and Chiropractor Appt / Day 23-25

  1. k

    Curiosity Q:
    So how do you figure your protein intake?
    Re: how much g’s in general and also how do you consider the source? organic vs local vs grassfed/pastured (vs wildcaught / fish)

    What I find most difficult is not only the fact that organic is way more expensive, this would be fine, if only, it seemed totally clean. Like, why does $7 organic bacon from a good farm STILL have sugar and modifiers in it? Good quality deli meat (mostly applegate) is a life-saver for me but still sucks that it has “Swiss Chard Powder. Contains Less Than 2% Of The Following: Spices, Evaporated Cane Syrup, Garlic Powder, Lactic Acid Starter Culture (Not From Milk).”

  2. Nathalie

    I don’t really figure out how much protein I need – I just try to eat a fistful-sized amount at each meal. For beef I gravitate towards grass-fed over anything else (usually the White Oak Pastures beef at Whole Foods: As for chicken, I love stocking up on Trader Joe’s organic free range chicken (whole, breasts, thighs). Here’s their post about it: As for my eggs: they’re from the farmer’s market near me: (on the bottom left click “Eggs”). I don’t really buy fish but if I did, yeah, wild.

    In general, I honestly don’t pay much attention to something being organic or not at all, and it’s not even a price thing – I just like buying local from the farmer’s market as much as possible, which is usually where I get most of my fruits and veggies. I personally prefer local over organic. I think you’ve just gotta do what you feel like is the right choice for you. I just try to be as aware as possible and make good decisions when I can. Also: I certainly don’t buy grass-fed and free range ALL the time. I wish I could but I don’t because of laziness (stores are too far, didn’t plan meals ahead of time enough), cost, lots of things. The perfect is the enemy of the good.

    I know, I hate when products say they’re organic but all their ingredients are crap. This challenge is teaching me that it really is all about the ingredients, so ingredient-checking will definitely be a habit I’ll be keeping up with.

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