Saturday Night Food Prep – Day 21-22

Day 21

Started upping my fluid intake since I was feeling kind of sick (scratchy throat, sniffly nose, etc).

Breakfast: Two fried eggs over sweet potato hash with salsa and scallions.

Snack: Roasted nuts, half an apple, hard-boiled egg and a banana. Happy face!

Lunch: Roasted chicken leg, rest of the apple and a salad. Only ate half the salad since I was feeling pretty full.

Dinner: Cory had a bunch of friends over to play game cards, and since they took over the table in the kitchen I couldn’t really make dinner. Ended up eating the rest of the salad with bits of leftover chicken thrown in.

Watched Night of the Living Dead as our horror movie selection this week. Highly recommended. Was beautifully shot, too.

WOD / Active Recovery
Was my first time running three laps around the park instead of my usual two (1.5 miles). Felt great, even with my slight cold.

Foam rolled and lax balled as usual. Back is feeling much better nowadays. It’s back to the initial slightly sore pain on the left side – no more widespread pain. I’m wondering if that all-over pain was just soreness from the deep tissue massage I received. Makes sense to me.

Fish Oil: 1000 mg
Water: 96 oz water, 8 oz green tea

Day 22

Yay, weekend! Got up really early since Cory and I had to run errands all morning before I drove an hour north for a friend’s bridal shower.

Breakfast: Two fried eggs over sweet potato hash with salsa and scallions. Big side of bacon. Go O’s!

Lunch #1: When we got home from errands I downed a couple forkfuls of leftover chili while I wrapped my friend’s shower gift (did not eat all this food since I ran out of time).

Lunch #2: The bridal shower was so gorgeous. Unfortunately the only food options available to me were non-WLC compliant, and the forkfuls of chili I ate earlier weren’t holding me up, so I decided to spend two points and indulge in a cup of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Both were incredibly tasty.

Here’s the lovely bride Jill with all of her loot.

When I got home I relaxed by prepping a bunch of food. Snack in the meantime: a couple raisins, a banana and a hard-boiled egg.

This is my idea of a fun Saturday night: making a mess in my kitchen while cooking up big batches of delicious food. I made picadillo and frijoles negros for the next few days. Also made some chicken stock for an Italian sausage soup I’m making soon.

Dinner: Picadillo, frijoles negros and a salad on the side.

WOD / Active Recovery
I was going to run but I wasn’t expecting it to be so cold, so I wussed out and did tabata air squats and situps instead. Not going to list out rounds anymore. Feels pointless.

Foam rolled and lax balled as usual.

Fish Oil: 1000 mg
Water: 64 oz water, 16 oz green tea


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