Food co-op happening / Day 19 – 20

Guys, I take back what I said about wasting points on beer. Two of my closest friends are coming into town this weekend and we’re all going to RenFest together on Sunday in a big group. The tradition is to drink your face off, so I think I’ve made up my mind to use three bonus points for diet that day. Just trying to get this in my head way ahead of time so I don’t feel guilty the day of. Haven’t had a drink in three weeks so this should be interesting.

Day 19

Breakfast: Two fried eggs and salsa over sweet potato hash.

Snack: Rosemary roasted almonds, macadamia nuts, half an apple and a hard-boiled egg. I just discovered Honeycrisp apples. I was a Pink Lady kinda gal but I had a piece of Honeycrisp apple at the market the other day and my mind was blown.

Lunch: Um, not sure what happened but I completely skipped lunch. Probably not the best idea ever.

Dinner: While I made dinner I ate a banana. Made one of my favorite go-to quick meals: Moroccan shrimp (similar recipe) and Indian chickpea curry (added spinach). Didn’t bother with veggies. I’ve had enough salad the last few days, right?

Also made up a fresh batch of sweet potato hash by cooking up some crumbled Roma sausage, sweet potatoes, spinach and mushrooms in coconut oil.

WOD / Active Recovery
One mile jog around the park.

With everything added up, I probably lax balled my back at work for a good 30 minutes throughout the day. Upper back feels okay, but now my lower back is sore. I’m so confused.

Fish Oil: 1000 mg
Water: 64 oz

Day 20

Breakfast: I’m gross: I cooked my eggs in last night’s sausage drippings (from the sweet potato hash). It was good, y’all.

Snack: The other half of yesterday’s apple, some nuts, a banana and a hard-boiled egg.

Lunch: Spinach salad, roasted chicken legs and the rest of the apple (only had a couple pieces at snack time).

Dinner: Leftover shrimp and chickpea curry.

WOD / Active Recovery
Ran around the park twice (one mile). Felt awesome. I really need to go on longer one of these days. I don’t like staying out too long on my own ’cause it’s a tiny bit scary around certain parts of the park.

Lax balled for a long time at work. Also got into the gym for the first time in almost two weeks (tagged along with Cory for a fitness assessment he was doing) and stretched and foam rolled until I was happy as a clam. Was so nice seeing everyone again, even if briefly. I really hope I can get back in next week.

Fish Oil: 1000 mg
Water: 64 oz, 8 oz decaf green tea

Upcoming Meals
I have a bunch of grass-fed ground beef defrosting in the fridge to make one of my favorite comfort foods: picadillo. I always pair it with frijoles negros, which I will also be making. My mom made these two foods often when I was growing up so the smells always remind me of home in Miami. I also plan on making chicken stock and this Italian sausage soup from the stock.

Two friends from the gym and myself formed a food co-op for the rest of the Whole Life Challenge. We’ll be meeting up every two weeks after Sundays’ workouts with our own personal Tupperware in tow to swap the big batches of food we made. So excited for this! I love cooking for lots of people. I think I might make another giant batch of chili since I enjoyed it so much. Gotta spread the love.


2 responses to “Food co-op happening / Day 19 – 20

  1. k

    Your food always looks delicious. I have actually been taking fish oil supplement pills because of your blog .. ! It’s been about two weeks of just about 2 everyday and I sincerely believe that it has helped SO MUCH with soreness and muscle inflammation. I generally hold tons of stress in my upper back/shoulders and I would say so much of this has gone down since taking 2 a day, so maybe yours has too!

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