Weekend visit with the in-laws / Day 15 – 16

Day 15
Cory’s parents were in town this weekend. I already planned to spend at least one or two bonus points depending on what we ended up doing. I like feeling prepared.

Enjoyed a great morning run around the park. Got home, mobilized, showered and cooked up my favorite WLC-friendly breakfast. Took my fish oil early this time so that I wouldn’t forget it later.

After wandering around the Baltimore Book Festival with the in-laws, we worked up quite an appetite. Happily, our favorite pizza place in the city was open and within walking distance (Iggie’s), so I decided to use a cheat point and split a small Alice with Mary, my mother-in-law. Ingredients: basil pesto, fresh-made mozz, parm, garlic spinach, fresh tomatoes and goat cheese. Olive oil and a sprinkle of salt to finish it off.

Since the pizza was so small, I considered my three tiny pieces one point. I made sure to chew slowly and completely savor every single luscious bite. It’s amazing how delicious pizza can be after not eating it for so long.

We headed home to watch an episode of Game of Thrones and regather our energy. Since our lunch wasn’t totally filling, we drove down to LP Steamers for an early dinner. I started with a green salad topped with olive oil and vinegar…

…and then went to town on my seafood trio of raw oysters, shrimp covered in Old Bay, and a big side of mussels. I skipped the cocktail sauce but used the butter unabashedly.

After we were stuffed we drove over to Camden Yards for the Orioles vs. Red Sox game. I ate my leftover peanuts from Wednesday’s game and a banana I was glad to have.

We won 4 to 3!

Day 16
The next morning I decided to bring my in-laws to the Baltimore Farmers Market, which I had never been to before! My main reason for going was to purchase some WLC-approved bacon that a member of my gym discovered at Truck Patch Farms. The market was incredible and I can’t wait to go back again, especially when this challenge is over. There are so many yummy breakfast treats I’d love taste.

Because I got so hungry at the market, I decided to make a big breakfast when I got home. I cooked up the bacon I bought and paired it with fried eggs and sweet potato hash, making this dish one of the best meals I’ve had so far. I think I was just so happy to be eating bacon again.

After my in-laws left I got ready to go to a massage. I ended up getting a 45 minute deep tissue massage from Thor at Federal Hill Massage & Wellness. He concentrated on my left back/shoulder 80% of the time which ruled. I felt so much tension being released as he worked the areas all around the painful spot. Unfortunately the relief only lasted about a day. Shows me how serious this is. Can’t wait to see the chiropractor next week.

When I got home I ate more leftover chili with a salad and some apple slices. Still not sick of the chili, surprisingly. Have a lot of it left, too.

Planned out a couple meals for the week and went grocery shopping. Bought some special ingredients to make WLC-friendly muffins. Also splurged a little and got Cory and myself some rib-eye steaks. I made them using Alton Brown’s cast-iron pan method which works great when you’re feeling lazy. I probably ate a little too much sweet potato and could have filled my plate with more broccoli instead. But my medium-rare steak was delicious.

After dinner I made up a batch up hard-boiled eggs. Here’s how I cool them off: I fill a water bottle with water and keep it in the freezer. I dunk the bottle into the bowl of water with the eggs. When the eggs are done cooling, I stick the bottle back in the freezer for next time. No need to make tons of ice all the time.

Then I got to work on the muffins. I tried out this recipe for carrot banana muffins and they turned out really well. Maybe too well. I think I’ll need to stop myself from baking more in the future because I’ve already eaten way too many of these. It was a fun experiment, though.

The Mindfulness challenge was really awesome. I followed guided meditation videos every night before bed for a week and couldn’t believe how much they helped me to relax and fall into a deeper sleep. My favorite videos were by The Honest Guys on YouTube. I will definitely keep listening to them whenever I’m feeling antsy.

Well, I’m a little over two weeks in and so far I think I’m doing pretty well. I’m making sure I stay on the leaderboard for this challenge by using bonus points for my cheat meals. Otherwise I don’t allow myself to cheat. As of now, this method has me at spot number four on the leaderboard for my gym (other people ahead of me have not used as many bonus points). I also have three bonus points in the bank that I’m already planning on spending this weekend. This is why doing the weekly challenges is so important! Gotta keep your sanity with some indulgences. That’s how it works for me, at least. I could spend the points on skipping a workout, on a beer, etc., but that just seems like a waste to me. It’s all about the food, baby.


2 responses to “Weekend visit with the in-laws / Day 15 – 16

  1. k

    Did your in-laws know you were on a challenge?
    Do you work from home?

    • Nathalie

      Yep, they did. They’re always so sweet when I do these challenges, too. I actually think I may have inspired them this trip.

      I work down by Patterson Park erryday. Except weekends and holidays.

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