Nice new bruise / Day 13 – 14

Day 13
Breakfast: Four eggs with spinach and scallions.

Snack: Hard-boiled egg, piece of pineapple and some beef jerky.

Lunch: leftover chili, half an apple and salad with homemade vinaigrette.

Got a great bruise from practicing hang power cleans the other day. It’s even darker now.

Dinner was more leftovers: baked chicken thighs, asparagus and sweet potato with cinnamon. Also had a salad with it.

Ran a little over a mile for active recovery. Really enjoyed it, which is something I wouldn’t have said about running just a couple months ago. The beautiful weather we’ve been having lately helped, too.

Day 14
Four eggs with spinach, scallions and hot sauce. Nothing like something spicy to go with eggs.

Really missed my usual banana as part of my snack. Had half an apple with some beef jerky instead.

Lunch was more repeats: chili, salad and the rest of the apple.

Had some people coming over to watch Evil Dead 2 with Cory and me later in the evening, so when I got home from work I went out for a quick run before showering and scarfing down more chili straight from the tupperware (so glad I can eat the same food several times in a row).

Also made up a batch of roasted rosemary almonds and macadamia nuts to snack on instead of being tempted to eat popcorn.

I think I’m gonna make an appointment to get a massage next week. Not a relaxing one, but hopefully one that will work some of this pain out of my back.


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