Let’s Go O’s / Day 12

Starting to eat four eggs now instead of three when I make ’em scrambled. Three lets me get too hungry too soon.

Last of my bananas. Hard-boiled egg, a couple pieces of jerky and a piece of pineapple.

Managed to hold off on lunch until around 3 so that I wouldn’t be tempted to eat “bad” things at the Orioles game later. Had some chili I made a couple nights ago with a salad on the side and a piece of pineapple for dessert.

After work I picked Cory up and we drove down to Camden Yards for the game. We had great seats thanks to a co-worker of Cory’s. She won the tickets in a raffle and gave the tickets away since she’s not an O’s fan.

I downed half a bag of peanuts, thinking it was enough for the night.

But when Cory went and got a hot dog…

…I realized I was pretty hungry. I decided to go on a food hunt when I spotted Roma sausages! Yes! I asked them to hold the bun. I walked around for a while looking for a fork when I realized that not one food item served at the stadium seemed to require one. Oh well.

The game was awesome. Orioles won against the Blue Jays 12-2 and we tied our team record with seven home runs during the game! Each home run was just as exciting as the last. Was way too much fun.

Couldn’t have asked for a better way to break up the work week.

Active Recovery
Getting sick of tabata, but it was pretty late and this was all I could fit in. I need to step up my active recovery, especially now that I’ll be missing Crossfit for the next few days or so.

    Tabata Situps
    1. 6
    2-8. 8
    9. 9
    10. 8

Back pain hit me pretty hard as soon as I started, so I took it a little easy and readjusted as needed.

    Tabata Air Squats
    1. 12
    2-8. 11
    9. 12
    10. 12

I think I’ll need to be doing primarily leg stuff for the next few days. I can barely do any upper body exercises without feeling any pain. Ugh. Did some major mobilizing for my upper back/left shoulder.


3 responses to “Let’s Go O’s / Day 12

  1. k

    http://www.theracane.com/ this thing is awesome. its as close as massage as you can get w/o a person šŸ™‚
    great job so far. 4 eggs wow! for some reason i find it extremely difficult to eat more than 1 or 2 eggs at breakfast.. but i almost always eat some form of protein otherwise i never survive. so have you had any cravings and such?

    • k

      http://www.theracane.com/trigger_points.htm oh yea, you might want to look into some trigger point issues. sounds like you have might have some, that have accumulated over time. also! worth looking at ART http://www.activerelease.com/ we have an ART doc come to the gym regularly, a few months ago i was having a pretty intense lower back pain and he helped a ton through just one session.

    • That thing looks awesome. Thanks, Kimmy.

      I was having insane cravings for bread and rice the first week, but that’s kind of gone now. I’ll still crave bad things when I smell them, but it’s not something that invades my thoughts anymore, thankfully.

      I’ll definitely look into the trigger point thing. Sounds about right…

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