Two Cheat Meals at RenFest – Day 9

RenFest! I already knew ahead of time that I’d be using a cheat point or two, so I didn’t feel too guilty indulging a little. I also didn’t want to stray too far from WLC-compliant food so that I wouldn’t awaken any crazy cravings or anything.

Before we headed out I used up the last of my sweet potato hash with fried eggs.

On the way there I ate an unpictured banana. A couple hours after we arrived, I decided to try out the mussels at their seafood hut. For five bucks they were pretty damn good.

First cheat! I decided to try my first ever scotch egg. Not WLC-friendly since it was breaded and deep-fried in who-knows-what oil (didn’t think to ask since I knew it was a cheat already). Ohh…I was moaning and groaning over each bite I took of this thing. Can’t believe I haven’t had one before. It was incredible. Apparently I can make my own for the challenge by wrapping hard-boiled eggs in ground beef or ground sausage and baking them. Should try that soon.

Then we enjoyed lots of games, shows and people-watching. Lots of people took pictures of me and gave me tons of compliments! It was so fun. It’s too bad you can’t see my elf ears here. That was everyone’s favorite part.

Before we left I got a hankering for a turkey leg. I asked how the turkey leg was cooked and they said it was covered in honey before it was smoked. Darn. But I didn’t care. Second cheat! The skin was a little tough to get through at first but once I broke through it was awesome. This thing was so juicy and full of flavor. I love you, bonus points.

Wasn’t really sure if walking around leisurely all day counted as active recovery, so when I got home I did tabata stuff. Used this great tabata timer I found to do 10 rounds of situps and 10 rounds of air squats.

Active Recovery
Tabata Situps:
1. 9
2-10. 8

Tabata Air Squats:
1. 10
2. 11
3. 12
4-5. 11
6-8. 12
9. 11
10. 12

Foam rolled, lax balled, and fish oiled it up before bed.


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