Powerlifting Total and Prep Day / Day 8

Every three months my gym takes on a new group of students that are interested in doing strength training exclusively. On their first and last day of the strength cycle, they find their 1 rep maxes in the back squat, bench press and deadlift. Those numbers added up is their powerlifting total. During their final total, Crossfitters are also invited to discover their 1 rep maxes. I always take this opportunity to see where my numbers are so that I’ll have a good idea of what my weights should be throughout the next three months of Crossfit classes.

I love fueling up for a morning workout with two fried eggs cooked in butter:

  • Powerlifting Total
  • Back Squat: 150# (3-count negative on the descent)
  • Bench Press: 100# (3-count negative on the descent)
  • Deadlift: 183#
  • Total: 433

Was very happy with my back squat and bench press numbers. They were both PRs, even with the 3-count negative (my coach asked me to do the 3-count negative as an experiment/learning tool).

I was a little disappointed with my deadlift since the last time I did it I was at 193#, but I was also a few pounds heavier before, so I guess the lower number is expected. We’ve also been squatting and benching like crazy these last couple months while neglecting deadlift (haven’t seen it in the classes I’ve been attending, at least), so I’m not too surprised. I was only six pounds away from my goal of getting a 1.5x bodyweight deadlift. So close. Here I am right before I failed that attempt, which was 188#:

I planned ahead and kept a banana in my car for the ride home. Was so glad it was there since I was super hungry.

After rushing over to the farmer’s market for some salad leaves and some yummy tomatoes…

…I made a second breakfast when I got home.

A few hours later Cory and I walked over to a local pizza joint for a couple slices of pizza. The smell was intoxicating but I managed to avoid it. I had some leftover pork stir-fry and zucchini noodles when I got home instead:

With a bunch of time to kill I decided to do some food prep for the coming week. I ate a banana…

…while I prepped hard-boiled eggs, soaked some beans for chili, and put a batch of jerky in the oven.

In the middle of all that I somehow managed to make a pretty elaborate dinner of baked chicken thighs, sauteéd asparagus and tomatoes, and baked sweet potatoes topped a pat of butter and some cinnamon. Afterwards I enjoyed a slice of mango, some chai tea, and took my fish oil.

Cory and I watched two episodes of Buffy, and that’s when I remembered the jerky. But it was too late: since I had cut the beef so thin, it cooked much more quickly than I anticipated and ended up burning to a crisp. There’s nothing I hate more than wasting food so this made me really sad.

But no worries. I had two more batches in the freezer so I’m trying again tonight. I’m using a timer this time!


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