Enjoying Food Vicariously / Day 5 – 7

Day 5
Only got six hours of sleep so I totally spaced on my breakfast photo. It was pretty much a repeat of day 3:

Yep, I was sleepy enough to forget my snack photo, too. Had the same thing as day 4: banana, almonds, hard-boiled egg and a piece of mango:

Guess I woke up enough around lunchtime. I added sausage leftovers to the rest of my minestrone soup and paired it with a big salad. Though there’s mango in this photo, I didn’t actually eat any. Threw some of the green olives into my salad. Good idea.

For dinner I made a roasted cauliflower and leek soup loosely based off this recipe, and then threw in some browned hot Italian sausages after I blended all the veggies together. Looks gross but it was really good. Even Cory approved.

Popped two fish oils. Gotten into the routine of taking two after dinner without thinking too much about it.

    Active Recovery
    Tabata Sit-Ups (20 sec of sit-ups, 10 sec rest, 5 min total)
    1. 10
    2. 9
    3. 9
    4. 7
    5. 7
    6. 7
    7. 8
    8. 8
    9. 7
    10. 8

    Tabata Push-Ups (on knees – 20 sec of push-ups, 10 sec rest, 5 min total)
    1. 7
    2. 6
    3. 6
    4. 4
    5. 5
    6. 4
    7. 5
    8. 4
    9. 4
    10. 4

Jumping straight into a workout with no warm-up doesn’t exactly help these numbers.

Rolled out hamstrings and quads and did some ankle mobility exercises since my sprained ankle was acting up a little. Lax balled my left shoulder as usual. I think I should see a chiropractor soon. It’s totally fine in the morning/afternoon, but by nightfall it’s tender and painful. I thought it was getting better but I don’t think I’ve made much progress.

Day 6
Wasn’t feeling as hungry this morning so I made a simple omelet with some spinach. Used Tabasco hot sauce to give it some oomph. I put scallions on everything.

Snack was the same ol’ story.

Lunch was my leftover cauliflower, leek and sausage soup. Extremely filling. Though green olives are pictured here, I just wasn’t in the mood.

    Workout of the Day
    800m run x 2 rounds (rest = work) // 3:57, 3:58
    400m run x 3 rounds (rest = work) // 1:53, 1:50, 1:51
    200m x 4 rounds (rest = work) // 44 sec, 46 sec, 44 sec, 43 sec

The point of this aerobic workout was to learn how to pace yourself and keep your numbers as consistent as possible across the board while still pushing yourself at around 85% of your max. I think I’m getting better at this.

Used a band to stretch out my hamstrings. Before class I lax balled the crap out of my shoulder. Stupid shoulder.

Dinner was exciting: I was making a giant pork stir-fry and wanted/needed some kind of vehicle for it, so I made zucchini noodles (zoodles)!

These noodles were mind-blowing. I think I might actually prefer them over regular pasta, unless that’s just me being optimistic. But they are seriously amazing and you should make them ASAP. In the stir-fry I used the rest of the herb crusted pork tenderloin from earlier this week and threw in spinach, broccoli, carrots, green pepper, mushrooms and scallions with sesame seeds, sesame oil, ginger, red pepper flakes and coconut aminos. I think this has been my favorite homemade meal so far.

Cory bought some Berger cookies and the smell of them was driving me crazy. I couldn’t stop sniffing them through the plastic, so I watched him eat one. I’m weird, okay?

Day 7
Best breakfast ever:

Forgot my snack photo again. Had a banana and the rest of my roasted rosemary almonds.

Finished off the rest of the cauliflower, leek and sausage soup. And what a surprise – I paired it with a salad. Added some shredded carrots from my stir-fry.

Went out to dinner with Cory, my coach Sean and his wife Becky to Abbey Burger Bistro. Was a blast eating out somewhere we all love while still making some good choices. Since all of us (except Cory) are doing the Challenge, we warned the waiter we’d be asking a ton of annoying questions. We knew ahead of time that the sweet potato fries and burgers were okay to eat since they cook them in peanut oil, but we also had to ask about their jalapeños (if they were jarred or fresh) and fried eggs (cooked in butter). I ended up with a medium rare smoked angus burger topped with a fried egg, jalapeños, raw onion and tomato, all wrapped in lettuce. The sweet potato fries felt like such an indulgence. Was a little weird not pairing my burger with the usual pint of 60 Minute Dogfish Head, but it was still delicious.

As soon as I got home I did what seemed to be a pretty moderate workout, but ended up being difficult to get through after eating such a big meal:

    Active Recovery
    2 rounds:
    20 air squats
    20 lunges
    20 push-ups
    20 wide-leg air squats
    20 closed-leg air squats
    20 sit-ups
    20 dips (used my couch)

Foam rolled my upper legs and back. Love making my back crack with that thing.

Cory and I are hosting a six week horror movie marathon, where each Friday night we’re screening a classic horror movie. I saw The Exorcist for my first time and it was awesome. I finally got what people meant when they said “pea soup” in reference to the movie…


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