Whole Life Challenge Friendly Foods

Here’s a list of Whole Life Challenge friendly foods I came across during my grocery shopping travels.

First off, I found the good fish oil made by Carlson at Whole Foods in Harbor East.

This is the salsa I’ve been using on my eggs in the morning: Green Mountain Gringo Salsa, medium heat. Apple cider vinegar IS allowed during this challenge. For an awesome, comprehensive list of other iffy items, check out this Google doc put together by someone in the public forums based off of official word from WLC HQ (the list is not exhaustive, of course).

These are the tomatoes Troy was referring to in his post: Pomi Tomatoes. Found these at the Giant in Hampden on 41st street.

Needed a break from straight black tea and coffee, so I grabbed some chai tea. Love this stuff.

This is what I was most excited about: WLC-friendly sausages! These are the hot Italian sausages that I ate at Luigi’s on Saturday. They’re made locally by Roma Gourmet. Found these at the Giant in Hampden on 41st street.

I also grabbed a bonus pack of Old Bay sausages. Can’t wait to try these.

I unknowingly had a couple good-to-go items in my cabinet already, thanks to good ol’ Trader Joe’s. Here’s a can of WLC-compliant tomatoes. Citric acid and calcium chloride ARE allowed. Bring this list with you to the store!

Pinto beans and black beans from Trader Joe’s, also safe for the challenge.

Green olives! I used to hate olives but that changed a couple years ago when I tried the ones at Trinacria. So good.

And just to balance things out, I decided to root around my cabinets for the absolute worst thing I could find. I came across one of Cory’s favorite foods: Spaghettio’s with sliced franks added. I used to eat Spaghettio’s ALL THE TIME when I was young. Check out that ingredient list. WOW.

I’ll do more of these posts in the future as I come across more hard-to-find stuff. Hope this helps!


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