Feeling Extra Hungry / Days 3 and 4

Day 3
Started the work week off with two fried eggs over my leftover sweet potato hash, topped with salsa.

I’m usually finishing breakfast around 8 am, so I’ll get pretty hungry around 11:30 am. Snack time! Enjoyed a banana, hard-boiled egg and roasted rosemary almonds. That recipe is seriously amazing, by the way. Such a simple way to change up the usual boring almonds. The best part is eating them warm. Insert hot nuts joke here.

Another three hours later I’ll have my late lunch. I usually wait until later to eat because I end up getting home pretty late most nights, so I’ve learned to shift my meals. Today was leftover herb crusted pork tenderloin (still surprisingly succulent), leftover broccoli and a big side salad. The homemade dressing is just olive oil, balsamic vinegar (no sugars), salt and pepper. You’ll almost always find cherry tomatoes, green pepper, cucumbers and scallions in my salads. Had my last piece of pineapple to finish off the meal.

  • Workout of the Day
    A. High Bar Back Squat, 4 x 6-8, 3212 tempo
    B. Standing Overhead Barbell Press, 4 x 8-10, 2210 tempo
    C. 8min AMRAP – Partner Barbell Complex:
    P1 – Squat + BTN Push Press + Front Squat + Push Press + Squat
    P2 – Rest

I ended up working late so I missed the 6:30pm All Levels class, but didn’t care since I was really excited to do lots of lifting in this 7:30pm Elements class. Lately our Crossfit programming has been including a lot of tempo work. This really messes with your lift numbers, but it’s awesome for you. My squat ended up at 68# at 8 reps (meaning I should have ended up at a higher weight) and my press was at 39# at 6 reps (meaning I went too heavy – my press sucks, okay?)

The barbell complex was SO fun. I added 10# to my barbell (43# total) but I definitely should have gone higher since it was way too easy. I’ll probably add 20# (or 30#?) next time. Afterwards we did some great quad/hip flexor stretching. Also did some shoulder stretches and lacrosse ball work.

Was starving afterwards but I couldn’t go home yet – grocery shopping time! Hadn’t done a big trip for the Challenge yet and I really needed to. I hit up Whole Foods, Safeway and Giant to hunt and gather my items. Grocery shopping on a completely empty stomach wasn’t fun, and coming across food after food that I couldn’t buy because of one or two stupid ingredients was making me even more frustrated. But I somehow pulled through and came home with a great haul.

In my next post I’ll be spotlighting a couple of these items since some people were having trouble finding WLC-friendly equivalents.

Dinner was some minestrone soup I made a week ago as an emergency freezer food item if I felt like I needed it. Well, I think getting home at 11pm, feeling ready to devour anything put in front of me, counted as an emergency. I defrosted the soup and ate it alongside a giant salad dressed with olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper and oregano. Why did I ever buy dressing before? This dressing was so easy and tasty. Took two fish oils after dinner and hit the hay much later than I would have liked.

Day 4
Same breakfast! But with some scallions. I am absolutely a creature of habit.

Snack time was a banana, almonds, a hard-boiled egg and a slice of not-yet-ripe mango. I bought this thinking it was pineapple. Stupid me. Hope it ripens soon ’cause it’s gross when it’s crunchy.

Lunch mirror-imaged yesterday’s emergency dinner.

At this point I realized I probably wasn’t getting enough protein, so I kept that thought in my head for dinner later.

  • Workout of the Day
    A. 1 Power Clean + 2 Front Squats, every minute on the minute for 10min, moderate weight
    B. 2 Rounds:
    10 Unbroken Wall Balls
    15 Unbroken Double Unders
    30 Situps
    15 Unbroken Double Unders
    10 Wall Balls
    Rest 6min after the first round.

Used 73# for my power clean and front squats. Could have gone higher, but they did say moderate, so it was actually perfect. Also used my usual 14# wall ball. Did the first round in 2:02 and the second in 1:58. Felt like I flew through this! Did more quad/hip stretching. Felt good. Oh yeah, I stretched earlier today in my office’s bathroom. Added some excitement to the day.

I think I need to keep a snack in my car or something because I’m pretty much starving after Crossfit nowadays. Thankfully I had leftover beef stew waiting for me in the fridge so I didn’t have to bother with cooking when I got home. Leftovers are important for my sanity. And yay, PROTEIN!

Popped two fish oils after I downed this and did some more lax ball work on my left scapula. Just a couple weeks ago I was having a hard time going to sleep because it was hurting me so much. After just a few days of concentrating on the painful area, it’s already feeling much better.

Meals to Come
I have some cauliflower that’s starting to turn, so I think I’ll be making roasted cauliflower and leek soup tomorrow using some defrosted chicken stock I made a few weeks ago. Never made the soup before; we’ll see what happens. I’m not really a fan of straight cauliflower but I do like when it’s been made into something else (cauliflower rice, for example).

Obviously I love soups and stews, but as I’ve discovered, I’ll need to pair them with more protein when possible. Hmm, maybe I’ll throw some sausage into the cauliflower leek soup. That could work.

Have a lot of leftover pork tenderloin ready to be used. I’m thinking of making a pork stir-fry over zucchini noodles. Also have some chicken thighs defrosting that I have no idea what to do with. I’ll figure it out later this week.


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  1. k

    Lady! Eat something after CF! Like have nuts in your car or a piece of emergency fruit

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