The Start of the Challenge / Day 1

Needed to fuel up before my preliminary workout or else there was no way I was getting through it. Hungry Nat = a very crabby Nat. Quickly fried up two eggs in Kerrygold Butter (best butter ever) and paired it with a side of black tea. I missed my usual coffee with milk/teaspoon of sugar, but this wasn’t bad at all.

After warming up and getting a thorough rundown of the challenge…

…the heats began. The energy was amazing.

The Workout:
9 minute AMRAP:
7 KB swings (24kg / 16kg)
7 burpees
50m shuttle run

Total number of reps is what counts, not total number of rounds.

My favorite part of the whole thing was coaches heat. Usually they’re the ones who torture us, so it’s always fun to watch them endure some hard work, too!

I got 7 rounds plus 5 burpees (103 reps), RXed. Felt pretty okay overall, but every time I finished those burpees I really just wanted to keel over. I used the shuttle run as a chance to recover so they ended up being really light 50m jogs. The 35 lb kettlebell swings weren’t as big a deal as I thought they would be.

After the workout I took some time to do some hip openers and quad/hip flexor stretches. I work at a desk all day so I’m going to be concentrating on mobilizing/stretching my legs throughout this challenge. Always seem to have hip issues if I skip even one or two days without a workout, so maybe this will help. I’ve also been experiencing some pain under my left shoulder blade for the past few weeks, so I used a lacrosse ball to massage the crap out of that area. Will be focusing on this in the future, too.

My stomach was growling loudly when I got home, so I made a more thorough breakfast/brunch. Was craving some kind of potato hash so I cubed up sweet potatoes and sautéed them in olive oil and butter with garlic, baby spinach, mushrooms, green bell pepper, curry and cayenne. It was topped with two fried eggs and a couple spoonfuls of salsa. Black tea on the side. Also took a fish oil capsule.

I attended the Urban Farm and Food Fair at Real Food Farm where I volunteer. My friend Jess and I were expecting a more expansive selection of beautiful, fresh food, so I was a little disappointed with the small selection of food trucks.

When we left the farm we picked up Cory on our way to Luigi’s for lunch instead. I checked out their menu online, afraid it would be exclusively Italian sandwiches and pasta dishes, but I was pleasantly surprised to find an Italian Chef salad that would work. I also knew they used Boar’s Head products, so I looked up all the meats included in the salad and they were all good to go! The only thing I had to do was ask them to leave out the provolone and grated Parm cheese. I was interested in trying their meatballs, but I found out they already have Parm cheese in them. Darn. Instead I ordered a side of locally-made Roma sausages (no sugars) and peppers and onions. Finished the salad and saved the leftover sausages for breakfast tomorrow.

Later I used a leftover slow-cooked rump roast to make a simple but tasty beef stew (added green peas after this photo was taken). So filling and warm. Can’t wait to eat leftovers during football tomorrow.

I saved the leftover onion, carrot and celery trimmings to make some chicken stock in the future.

Also took a second fish oil capsule to get close to our coaches recommended dose of at least 1000mg of combined EPA/DHA. The brand I bought (at the very last minute…) doesn’t have the best EPA/DHA numbers, so I’m gonna have to bite the bullet and spend some dough on some fish oil that might actually matter.


One response to “The Start of the Challenge / Day 1

  1. Great post! It’s good to know we can eat Boar’s Head products.

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