Sausage, Beef and Pork / Day 2

I chopped up yesterday’s leftover sausages and threw them in my pan with three scrambled eggs, scallions and spinach. Drank black coffee to wash it down.

For lunch I enjoyed leftover beef stew. Was even better today. Really wanted some toasted bread for dunking, though. Cory ate salt and vinegar chips with his stew and it was pretty difficult to handle. Sigh. Took fish oil and indulged in a piece of pineapple when I was done.

During halftime we decided to do a modified half Cindy as my active recovery.

10 minute AMRAP:
5 push-ups
10 sit-ups
15 air squats

I have no idea how many rounds I ended up at. I think it was around eight or nine…? Afterwards I foam rolled my quads and used a band to stretch out my hamstrings. Also used the lacrosse ball under/near my left scapula where it’s been feeling tender. It hurt so good. Was basically falling asleep during the third quarter so I gave in and took an hour long nap.

When I woke up I realized I needed sustenance ASAP. I ate a banana and a handful of almonds…

…before doing some prep work for making beef jerky later this week.

I’ve had huge success with this recipe in the past – it couldn’t be easier. I used flank steak the last time I made this jerky, but this time I’m trying it with a London Broil. Was a lot leaner than the flank steak when I was slicing it so I think it will be even better than last time. If you feel like making this beef jerky and need to go looking for coconut aminos, here’s what the label looks like:

While getting that together I put an herb crusted pork tenderloin in the oven along with some red potatoes I found in my cabinet that really needed to be used up. When the pork was almost ready I sauteed some broccoli with olive oil, red pepper flakes and garlic powder. The pork rested for a few minutes, got sliced, then was served up. Cory ate the roasted red potatoes along with his pork and broccoli and I really wished I was eating them, too. I love me some potatoes. Had a second fish oil capsule afterwards.

Upcoming (Possible) Cheat Days
We’re going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival on Saturday and I want to try my hardest to lose just one point or none at all (for diet). Not sure what would be okay to order when I get hungry. All I can think of is turkey legs or steak on a stake, but I bet the marinades/sauces have sugar. Guess I’ll just have to ask and see. I’ll be bringing some snacks but I don’t think they’ll sustain me all day.

There are other events coming up that I will probably be losing points at, such as a wedding, a second RenFest visit with friends coming in from out of town, a conference taking place in Philly and one other event I can’t reveal details about since it’s a surprise. I’m hoping to build up enough bonus points so that “cheating” at these events won’t matter. I don’t want to stress too much about being perfect, though. I’d rather just lose a couple points and enjoy myself.


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