Nice new bruise / Day 13 – 14

Day 13
Breakfast: Four eggs with spinach and scallions.

Snack: Hard-boiled egg, piece of pineapple and some beef jerky.

Lunch: leftover chili, half an apple and salad with homemade vinaigrette.

Got a great bruise from practicing hang power cleans the other day. It’s even darker now.

Dinner was more leftovers: baked chicken thighs, asparagus and sweet potato with cinnamon. Also had a salad with it.

Ran a little over a mile for active recovery. Really enjoyed it, which is something I wouldn’t have said about running just a couple months ago. The beautiful weather we’ve been having lately helped, too.

Day 14
Four eggs with spinach, scallions and hot sauce. Nothing like something spicy to go with eggs.

Really missed my usual banana as part of my snack. Had half an apple with some beef jerky instead.

Lunch was more repeats: chili, salad and the rest of the apple.

Had some people coming over to watch Evil Dead 2 with Cory and me later in the evening, so when I got home from work I went out for a quick run before showering and scarfing down more chili straight from the tupperware (so glad I can eat the same food several times in a row).

Also made up a batch of roasted rosemary almonds and macadamia nuts to snack on instead of being tempted to eat popcorn.

I think I’m gonna make an appointment to get a massage next week. Not a relaxing one, but hopefully one that will work some of this pain out of my back.

Let’s Go O’s / Day 12

Starting to eat four eggs now instead of three when I make ’em scrambled. Three lets me get too hungry too soon.

Last of my bananas. Hard-boiled egg, a couple pieces of jerky and a piece of pineapple.

Managed to hold off on lunch until around 3 so that I wouldn’t be tempted to eat “bad” things at the Orioles game later. Had some chili I made a couple nights ago with a salad on the side and a piece of pineapple for dessert.

After work I picked Cory up and we drove down to Camden Yards for the game. We had great seats thanks to a co-worker of Cory’s. She won the tickets in a raffle and gave the tickets away since she’s not an O’s fan.

I downed half a bag of peanuts, thinking it was enough for the night.

But when Cory went and got a hot dog…

…I realized I was pretty hungry. I decided to go on a food hunt when I spotted Roma sausages! Yes! I asked them to hold the bun. I walked around for a while looking for a fork when I realized that not one food item served at the stadium seemed to require one. Oh well.

The game was awesome. Orioles won against the Blue Jays 12-2 and we tied our team record with seven home runs during the game! Each home run was just as exciting as the last. Was way too much fun.

Couldn’t have asked for a better way to break up the work week.

Active Recovery
Getting sick of tabata, but it was pretty late and this was all I could fit in. I need to step up my active recovery, especially now that I’ll be missing Crossfit for the next few days or so.

    Tabata Situps
    1. 6
    2-8. 8
    9. 9
    10. 8

Back pain hit me pretty hard as soon as I started, so I took it a little easy and readjusted as needed.

    Tabata Air Squats
    1. 12
    2-8. 11
    9. 12
    10. 12

I think I’ll need to be doing primarily leg stuff for the next few days. I can barely do any upper body exercises without feeling any pain. Ugh. Did some major mobilizing for my upper back/left shoulder.

Feeling a Little Off / Day 10 – 11

Weekly Challenge #2
This week’s challenge (two bonus points): Practicing mindfulness. I must engage in a simple practice of reflection for at least 10 minutes a day. Here’s the deetz:

    Meditate, pray, write in a journal, or follow a guided meditation.
    While you are practicing mindfulness, it must be the only thing you are doing.
    If you notice your mind begin to wander, simply notice that it wandered and bring it back.
    You can’t do it wrong. If you are intentionally practicing mindfulness, you are doing it. Notice what comes up and bring yourself back.

Day 10
Cory stayed home from work today since he was feeling a little sick. Poor Cory.

Back to scrambled eggs since I was fresh out of sweet potato hash. Love spinach and scallions in my eggs.

Snacks. This hard-boiled egg was practically impossible to peel, so that’s why it looks destroyed. Also had a banana, a couple pieces of homemade jerky and a slice of mango.

Lunch was leftover pork stir-fry with zoodles. A slice of sweet mango acted as dessert.

On the way to Crossfit I ate another hard-boiled egg, some more jerky and another banana, all of which I ate too quickly to remember to take a photo of.

    Workout of the Day
    A. High Bar Back Squat, 3 x 4-6, 30X1

My back squat felt great. Since I just squatted on Saturday I didn’t feel out of practice and really attacked it. I ended up at 113# for 6 reps, so I definitely should go higher with my weight next time to hit the lower range of reps (4).

    B. 3 Rounds
    10 Single Arm KB Clean and Push Press (25#)
    4 KTE
    10 Weighted Walking Lunges (20# dumbbells)
    4 KTE
    – rest 90sec after each round
    – record time for each round

This wasn’t awesome. At this point I was feeling a little frazzled and all over the place. I was the second slowest person in the class which I never love, especially since it was such a giant class. Was just exhausted and needed to go slow to get anything done right. Also completely spaced on recording times after each round. My left shoulder/back pain flared up when I reached up towards the bars to do my knees-to-elbows, too. Not good. This prompted me to make an appointment with my chiropractor – I’ll be visiting him in two weeks.

    C. 3 Rounds
    AMRAP Unbroken Double Unders in 1min
    rest 1min after each round
    – record highest amount of unbroken double unders for each round

This is what I was looking forward to the most since I really enjoy double unders, but again, I didn’t do as great as I would have liked. Trying to hold a minute of double unders is SO MUCH HARDER than I thought it would be, and after Workout B I was already feeling dead. I got 34 unbroken in the first minute, 18 in the second and 38 in the third. By the end of the third my heart felt like it was about to burst out of my chest.

Did a few minutes of couch stretching and then spent a long time trying to work out my shoulder/back pain with a foam roller and a lax ball. I get temporary relief but it just comes back after a couple hours. It’s very frustrating, especially when I’m in bed trying to fall asleep. My appointment can’t come soon enough.

Stopped by the grocery store on my way home to pick up some clam chowder and chloraseptic lozenges for Cory. Grabbed some fruits, veggies, eggs and butter while I was there.

At home I ate the rest of my pork stir-fry and finished off the last two mango slices. Guess I was craving sugar today. The mangoes really hit the spot each time.

Also prepped lunch and made some vinaigrette with olive oil, red wine vinegar, garlic and spices and funneled it into in my fancy glass bottle.

Before bed I put on some headphones and followed this guided meditation video. It was freakin’ awesome. Helped me relax and get right to sleep afterwards. It was hard to keep my thoughts from wandering so much but I tried bringing them back as much as I could. This will definitely take practice.

Day 11
Already miss my sweet potato hash. I’ll have to cook up some more ASAP, maybe with some of those Old Bay sausages I bought. Need to lower the heat next time I make scrambled eggs. I turn it up higher if I’m in a bit of a rush, but it makes the eggs so gross.

Snack time: hard-boiled egg, banana, some jerky and a piece of pineapple. The pineapple was REALLY sweet, maybe overly sweet if that’s even possible.

Lunch was leftover baked chicken thighs, asparagus and sweet potato. Practically dinner. Really filling. Also had half an apple.

On the way to Crossfit I finished off the rest of the apple slices and another hard-boiled egg. At this point I wasn’t even really hungry, but I needed some kind of fuel to get me through the workout so that I wouldn’t leave the gym starving which is usually the case.

    Workout of the Day
    A. Hang Clean + Power Clean, 7 sets x 1

I was really looking forward to setting a PR with these – and I did! The last time I did this was at 96#. I had attempted 98# at that time, but failed. This time I got to 98# and decided to put on 1# plates just to make it an even 100#, and it happened! My coach said my form was great, which was so good to hear since this has been a difficult lift for me to “get” for the last few months. Unfortunately, this was not good at ALL for my shoulder/back pain, which I realized soon after I PRed…

    B. Bar Dips, 3 x 8-10, 2010

Used a thicker band than I usually do to take it easy on my shoulder.

    C. 200m x 6 rounds (rest = work)
    1. 54 sec
    2. 49 sec
    3. 48 sec
    4. 45 sec
    5. 44 sec
    6. 46 sec

As soon as I took off for the first round my calves became instantaneously sore, so I think that’s why my first couple rounds were slower. Guess I was trying to feel it out. Made sure to target my calves with the lax ball afterwards in addition to hitting all the other usual spots. Was PAINFUL, especially near the shins. Shin splints? I can never really tell.

When I got home I had to pop an Advil immediately because my back pain was becoming unbearable (it’s still feeling terrible and it’s been a couple hours). I’m pretty stubborn when it comes to “taking it easy” when I have an injury, but I think I’ve pushed through the pain long enough. Gonna have to give my shoulder a break for a while and avoid lifting and shoulder movement WODs for the next few weeks. Hate having to do this. There’s nothing worse…except maybe a blown-out back.

Cory and I are going to an Orioles game tomorrow! I’m going to eat a big lunch as late as possible so that I’m not tempted to get any delicious baseball treats or anything at Camden Yards. We’ll see how it goes.