Using Leftovers for Breakfast / Day 23 – 25

Day 23
I made that incredible sweet potato and fried egg breakfast again. I can definitely see myself eating this for a long time.

Lunch hadn’t changed: more butternut squash soup.

Dinner was a tri-tip beef roast with sweet potato, brussels sprouts and asparagus on the side. Having a variety of veggies on the plate was a great change from my usual one meat/one veggie meals. Unfortunately the roast wasn’t that tasty. I’ll have to look up a better method of prep rather than just coating it in salt and pepper.

Day 24
Lovely, delicious breakfast of sweet potato and eggs.

Lunch meeting at work. My boss ordered in Chinese food so it made it a little bit of a challenge to figure out what I should eat. I didn’t bring in any extra food for lunch so I tried my absolute best to stick to the paleo diet by ordering the spare ribs and the Buddha’s Delight with no sauce. I forgot that the Delight came with tofu so I pushed that aside along with the snow peas (no soy or legumes). I ate almost double than what’s pictured here.

At dinnertime I hosted a pizza bagel party for a friend’s birthday, but I avoided all temptation and made myself a giant salad with leftover tri-tip roast and lots of the bagel toppings. I dressed it with a homemade roasted garlic vinaigrette. Making vinaigrettes is one of my favorite things to do. Bottled dressings are way too salty and/or thin to me now.

Day 25
For breakfast I sauteed a handful of various leftover pizza bagel toppings and added scrambled eggs. I didn’t really like the salsa on regular scrambled eggs. I think it really needs to be paired with the sweet potato to make it sing.

Lunch was another steak salad with the VERY LAST of the butternut squash soup. Finally.

    Crossfit WOD:
    Pull-up/ring dip work
    4 rounds:
    Sprint 60 yds (3 track lengths, 2 turns)
    Rest 20 sec
    15 Ball Slams
    Rest 20 sec

Right now I’m using a blue band to get through my pull-ups. The next sizes down are the red, purple, then orange (super skinny) bands. I feel like I’m getting pretty close to progressing onto the red one. I can’t wait! This is what getting a new belt in karate must feel like.

Sprints rock. I have long legs so it’s pretty easy to cover the turf quickly. But…ball slams. Grrr. Overall this was a quick but intense workout. I finished in 6:59.

Dinner was super methodic to make but totally worth it. I followed a recipe for Indian Chicken Curry (Murgh Kari) and replaced the yogurt with coconut milk. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that most Indian recipes are paleo as is, so I’m going to look into making more Indian dishes in the future. Sauteed some cauliflower along with the leftover vegetables from the Buddha’s Delight and topped it all with the curry sauce. A squeeze of lemon and a sweet potato finished the job. This was one of my favorite paleo meals so far.


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