Milkshake and Mixed Drink Cheats / Day 20 – 22

Day 20
Scrambled eggs to start the day.

Lunch was a complete replica of the lunch I had the day before: butternut squash and two chicken wraps.

I was really excited about dinner. During my paleo meal research I learned that I could replicate the texture of rice using cauliflower. I threw some cauliflower into the food processor, pulsed it a couple times, and BAM—I had rice!

I sauteed it in some olive oil and it was good to go. Using the leftover pork I made the night before, I put together a stir-fry with various veggies and placed it on the cauliflower “rice.” Awesome.

Day 21
Scrambled eggs with various additions. I’m really bad at remembering to take a photo of breakfast.

Butternut squash soup and a chicken wrap for the third day in a row. Mixed it up with some dried figs.

Since I was going straight from work to a haunted forest attraction called Creepywoods, I brought dinner to work with me to eat at the end of the day: leftover pork stir-fry.

After Creepywoods (where I got the crap scared out of me) we stopped at a 7-11 where I bought a small bag of cashews and ate a banana I brought.

Day 22
I love Saturdays at the gym.

    Crossfit WOD:
    AMRAP 15 min:
    10 Dumbbell Thrusters

    10 Ball Slams
40 yd Farmers Carry (with Dumbbells)

I HATE thrusters. They kill me. At least I didn’t have to use a barbell; I used two 15 lb dumbbells.

For the ball slams I used a 20 lb ball. Ball slams tired me out so fast, but I’ve learned to explode at my hips to make bringing the ball back up much easier.

The farmers carry was fine. I ended up at 6 rounds plus 10 thrusters.

When I got home I made the best paleo breakfast I’ve had so far. I cubed a sweet potato and sauteed it with bell pepper and onion. It took awhile for the sweet potato to cook, so I helped it along by adding some water to the pan and covering it. After that was ready I took the potato mixture out of the pan, added more oil and fried two eggs over easy. I placed the eggs on top of the potato mixture, spooned on some salsa (ingredients checked out) and finished it off with some fresh chives from my front porch. SO good. Now I hope I can find time on weekday mornings to make this. Maybe I should pre-make a bunch of the sweet potato mixture.

Lunch was more butternut squash soup.

Dinner was a huge cheat! We went out to the Lost City Diner to celebrate a friend’s birthday and there was nothing I could get while sticking to my paleo diet. So of course, I went all out and got a huge juicy burger, medium rare, with cheese and bacon on a challah bun. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a burger as fast as I did that night. I wasn’t entirely bad, though: I substituted my fries with a side salad. The thought of eating fries was kind of a turn-off, which really surprised me. I guess some good habits are starting to stick.

To seal the deal on my cheat meal (hey, that rhymes), I ordered the most incredible pumpkin milkshake. It was the first time I had dairy in three weeks! I was a little worried that my body would totally hate me but I didn’t notice any adverse effects. Later I made myself two cranberry vodkas. I forgot to take pics of all this since I was enjoying myself way too much.


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