Killer Sit-Ups / Day 17 – 19

Wow, I really let this blog get away from me. One week since I’ve last updated?! Unacceptable. I have a couple posts already written that I’ll be posting over the next few days so that I don’t fall behind again.

Day 17
Scrambled eggs with stuff thrown in.

Lunch meeting at work. My co-workers are too sweet. Each week they are going way out of their way to make sure that their meal is paleo-friendly. I really don’t like being that person so it’s been bothering me a little, but I have been 100% appreciative of it.

Erin made the most amazing carrot cumin soup paired with cashews coated in garam masalsa. She also made a side salad of apples, parsnips and brussels sprouts topped with some lemon juice. My favorite part was the kale chips that she made. What an incredible meal. I definitely made sure to get that carrot cumin soup recipe! Later I ate a leftover stuffed bell pepper and an apple.

    CrossFit WOD:
    Snatch 5×2
    Squat 3×5
    Pick Your Poison:
    Option 1 – Row – 30 sec on, 30 sec off x 10
    Option 2 – 100 m Sprint x 10

The snatch is the hardest lift I’ve ever done, and I can’t tell if it’s because I’d never done it before or if it’s just hard to learn. I could barely even use the women’s bar and had to use the super light training bar to get my form down.

I did 3×5 squats at 88 lbs. I don’t know what was wrong with me; that weight was extremely heavy. I felt so weak, especially since I used to do 3×5 at 120 lbs. Well, I guess that’s what happens when you’re out of practice.

I chose option 1—the row—since I just ran a 5k on October 15th. Oh, right! I forgot to mention that I did that. It’s probably the last 5k I’ll run for a while since I’d like to focus my efforts on CrossFit now. I did manage to get my personal best time, though: 27:22. So stoked about that!

For dinner I made a dish I learned about at the paleo cooking demo: Tex-Mex Chicken Salad. My CrossFit gym was kind enough to post the recipe on their website:

    Tex Mex Chicken Salad
    4 chicken breasts
    2 – 3 avocados
1 tbsp. garlic
2 tbs. lime juice (roughly two limes)
    1 bunch cilantro
    2 tsp. chili powder
2 tbsp. cumin
    1/4 cup red onion
    Romaine lettuce
    Red pepper

    1. Poach chicken (cook in water on a low simmer for roughly 30 minutes)
    2. Combine avocado, garlic and lime juice
    3. Once chicken is cooked and cooled, shred and mix with avocado mixture
    4. Add cilantro, chili powder, cumin and onion and mix until combined
    5. Serve in Romaine lettuce with red pepper garnish

Pretty darn good! The lettuce wraps were light and refreshing.

Day 18
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with the last of the turkey sausage.

A lunch of leftovers: butternut squash soup, stuffed bell pepper, and a chicken salad wrap.

    Crossfit WOD:
    HSPU (handstand push-ups) – 5 sets of 3
    Then, AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) for 15 min:
    15 Kettlebell Swings (55/35)
    15 Sit-ups
    15 Double Unders

For my handstand push-ups I kneeled on top of a 20″ box, planted my hands as close as possible to the box, and tried to keep my body as vertical as possible as I did the push-ups. Even though I used a box, it was still really tiring on my arms. I can’t imagine ever doing one against a wall, but…one day!

Double-unders are no problem for me unless I start getting tired, so I really looked forward to those each round. I also like kettlebell swings so those weren’t too horrible (did them with a 20 lb kettlebell). On the flip side, the sit-ups completely destroyed me. My upper abs were SO sore for a straight week, no joke. The worst part was that it hurt to laugh, so I had to consciously stop myself from laughing as much as I usually do. Obviously my core needs some more work. I got through 8 rounds plus 14 kettlebell swings.

The night before I attempted to marinate a pork tenderloin in coconut aminos, garlic and olive oil. It didn’t work as well as it would have with soy sauce (the coconut aminos is a soy sauce substitute), but the pork still tasted great. Ate it with a bunch of asparagus.

As if I didn’t have enough cooking to do, I also ended up making a pumpkin spice cake with honey frosting for my boss’ birthday. It was really hard to bake an entire cake without being able to eat any of it. My co-workers said it was delicious, though. It did smell pretty amazing.

Day 19
Breakfast: same old scrambled eggs with whatever’s in my fridge.

Lunch was more butternut squash soup and two chicken wraps.

Chipotle for dinner! Cory and I always eat Chipotle in the middle of the week when I feel like I’m too busy to cook dinner. We literally live half a block away from one so it’s very easy to indulge. This week I really tried hard to finish the whole bowl, but I ended up leaving a few bites behind. One of my sillier goals is to finish an entire bowl in one sitting.


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