Initial Workout and Powerlifting Total / Day 6 – 8

Day 6
Started the day with a breakfast I’m still not sick of: scrambled eggs with baby spinach, mushrooms, onion and garlic. I added some hot sauce to the eggs to liven them up.

My favorite mid-morning snack: a banana. I used to hate bananas when I was younger; there was just something really strange about their texture. I think I finally figured out that I don’t like bananas that are too ripe, ’cause they’re perfect to me when they’re just a teeny tiny bit green.

Lunch was leftover Thai red chicken curry with the addition of sesame seeds I keep in the kitchen cabinet at work.

Snack: hard-boiled egg and some garlic-stuffed olives. The olives weren’t great. Just a bit too intense for me.

At Crossfit that night I got to do my initial Paleo Challenge workout:

    Take 15 min to find your 3rm (rep max) back squat
    Rest 5-10 min
    4 min row
    1 min rest
    3 min pull-ups
    1 min rest
    2 min shoulder to overhead
    1 min rest
    1 min KB (kettlebell) swings

My three rep max back squat is currently 108 lbs. Pretty low considering I was doing 120 lbs at 3 x 5 earlier this year. It makes sense since I’ve been out of practice for months, but it still left a little bruise on my ego.

Rowing is probably my least favorite thing of all, so I was not looking forward to doing it for 4 minutes. My coach tried to encourage me to keep a 2:15 pace as much as I could but it was a struggle. I got the number “51” written down for my row, but I have no idea what that means since I was in such a daze.

After a one minute rest, I got ready to do some pull-ups with a blue resistance band. My coach Jason recommended I do them in short sets with a few seconds of rest in between. This worked pretty well for a while but I started falling apart near the end. I got 14 pull-ups in 3 minutes.

One minute of rest later, I did 43 lb push presses. Again, same recommendation: short sets of good reps. Very challenging. I got 18 reps in 2 minutes.

Finally, after my last minute of rest it was time for a minute of kettlebell swings. These I don’t mind so much since I feel the movement throughout my body really well. Jason cheered me on and asked me to do the kettlebell swings without stopping. Using a 25 lb kettlebell I got in 36 swings with lots of loud grunting, heaving and groaning thrown in. I noticed the new Foundations class watching me from afar and it was kind of fun showing them what Crossfit is all about.

After I collapsed on the ground Jason was right there next to me giving me all kinds of praise. He said I was his first student that hadn’t stopped during the kettlebell swings at all. Yes!

So in the end my numbers came to 108/51/14/18/36. We’ll see how much I improve by the end of the month.

I was exhausted when I got home but I knew I still had to make dinner. I threw together beef chili…with no beans! I usually add two or three different kinds of beans so this was a little tough for me. I piled on the rest of the guacamole I made a couple nights ago just to use it up. It was a lot of mush on top of mush but it was extremely delicious. I also enjoyed a side salad to add some crunch to the meal. Topped with homemade vinaigrette, of course.

Day 7
Pretty much a repeat of Day 6, but I’ll write it out anyway.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with veggies and hot sauce. Consumed with a side of mandarins and darjeeling tea.

Snack: banana.

Lunch: leftover Thai red chicken curry.

Snack: two hard-boiled eggs.

Dinner: leftover beef chili with half an avocado sliced on top.

Day 8
Woke up and ate a banana on my way to Crossfit. Today we were working on figuring out our powerlifting total. My one rep max back squat was 128 lb; one rep max bench press was 85 lbs; one rep max deadlift was 153 lbs. I was really happy about the deadlift because about two weeks ago it was at 143 lbs! It was also a PR for me (personal record). In the end, my powerlifting total was 366 (128 + 85 + 153).

Though I felt okay at Crossfit, I was starving on the way home. Breakfast: scrambled eggs with veggies, garlic and hot sauce. Decided to give black coffee a try again. Was actually really good this time.

Lunch: saddest meal ever. I went on a hike with some friends and we all went out to get Italian sandwiches to take with us beforehand. I didn’t want to risk the deli meats so I just went with a salad that was pretty much rabbit food: some boring lettuce with tomatoes, carrots and cucumber. I drizzled on some oil and vinegar that it came with, but it was nothing special. This probably did nothing to help me recover from the morning’s workout.

I ended up snacking like crazy since I was still hungry: had a banana, some olives, a couple mandarins and two dried figs.

Couldn’t wait for dinner: a big serving of leftover beef chili with the other half of the avocado sliced on top. Yum. Chili without beans is pretty good. I still have enough leftovers for 2-3 more meals, so I’m glad it’s tasty.


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